Bloom into You, Vol. 6

Bloom into You, Vol. 6 THE CURTAINS RISE The student council play has finally begun Who will Touko s character choose to be at the end And how will Touko herself feel when the play is over and her dearest wish has been realized

Yuri Is My Job! 1

Yuri Is My Job! 1 The new, hilarious yuri comedy Hime gets roped into working at a weird caf where the waitresses pretend to be students at an all girl boarding school She s strangely taken with her partner Mitsuki, who s so kind to her in front of the customers There s just one problem Mitsuki really can t

Bloom into You, Vol. 5

Bloom into You, Vol. 5 GOING OUT They might be on vacation, but the play is still on everyone s minds Touko is already starting to worry about what will happen after it s over, and Yuu wants to change the script s ending Stressing about the play isn t the only thing they re doing, though It s summer break, after all

Bloom into You, Vol. 2

Bloom into You, Vol. 2 A charming love story about two young women who together discover that their dreams of a heart pounding romance can indeed come true Yuu has always loved shoujo manga and fantasizes about the day that she too will get a love confession that will send her heart a flutter Yet when a male classmate

My Solo Exchange Diary Vol. 2

My Solo Exchange Diary Vol. 2 The sequel series to the award winning My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness Living on her own is harder than Nagata Kabi expected Building relationships is difficult too, but with a new friendship to cultivate and a new perspective on her family, she s doing her best to open up and become a warm,

Kase-San and Cherry Blossoms

Kase-San and Cherry Blossoms THE FUTURE AWAITS It s time for Yamada s university entrance exams, and she s super nervous All her hard work is about to be put to the test Will she get to follow her dreams and join Kase san in Tokyo come spring

Kase-san and Shortcake

Kase-san and Shortcake A Future Without You. It s the last summer of high school, so Kase san and Yamada decide to make the most of it and head for the pool Unfortunately, the end of high school isn t only about celebration Yamada cheers Kase san on as she trains for the upcoming track meet, but her mind is filled

Their Story

Their Story When Sun Jing of Affiliated No.2 High School encounters Qiu Tong of South High School, a small episode makes Sun Jing remember the girl whose smile was as warm as sunshine Their schools are adjacent to each other, so Sun Jing starts to find ways to approach Qiu Tong, like trying to speak