First Time in Forever (Puffin Island, #1)

First Time in Forever (Puffin Island, #1) Windswept, isolated and ruggedly beautiful, Puffin Island is a haven for day trippers and daydreamers alike But this charming community has a way of bringing people together in the most unexpected ways It s been a summer of firsts for Emily Donovan From becoming a stand in mom to her niece Lizzie

Some Kind of Wonderful (Puffin Island, #2)

Some Kind of Wonderful (Puffin Island, #2) Her whole life, Puffin Islander Brittany Forrest has dreamed of adventure And at the age of eighteen, she thought she d found it in bad boy Zachary Flynn But after just ten tempestuous, smoldering days, their whirlwind marriage went up in smoke, and Brittany resolved to put him out of her mind for

The Sicilian's Stolen Son

The Sicilian's Stolen Son At the Sicilian s bidding and bedding The only link Jemima Barber has to her troubled late twin sister is her nephew So when the boy s father storms into their lives to reclaim the child that was stolen from him, Jemima lets the forbidding Sicilian believe she is her smooth seductress of a sister.

Playing by the Greek's Rules

Playing by the Greek's Rules It s time to throw away the rule book Idealistic archaeologist Lily Rose craves a fairy tale love, but in her experience it always ends in heartbreak So now Lily s trying a different approach a fling with her boss, infamous Greek playboy Nik Zervakis Anti love and anti family, Nik lives by his ow

Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret

Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret You wouldn t have been able to resist either, believe me He broke down my defenses as if they were paper One dark, unfathomable glance from Alejandro, the notorious Duke of Alzacar, and I was his It was only later that I realized why he d seduced me, and I had no choice but to flee Nine mon

Maybe This Christmas (O'Neil Brothers, #3)

Maybe This Christmas (O'Neil Brothers, #3) Uplifting, sexy and warm, Sarah Morgan s O Neil Brothers series is perfection Jill Shalvis, New York Times bestselling author This winter, ex skiing champion, reformed heartbreaker and single dad Tyler O Neil has only one mission making sure his daughter, Jess, has the best Christmas ever The fa