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Healing Sands (A Sullivan Crisp Novel) Her Life Was Spinning Out Of Control A Mix Of Anger And Emptiness Defined Her Desperate For True Peace, She Headed To A Place Of Rest The Healing Sands.Ryan Coe Feels Lost Her Marriage Is Over, Her Kids Are Living With Their Dad, Her God Life Is Silent, And Her Patience Is Practically Non Existent To Top It Off, Her Once Exciting Job As A Photojournalist Has Been Reduced To Taking Pictures Of Enchilada Festivals And B Level Actors But When She Arrives At The Scene Of A Crime And Sees Her Son S Face Through Her Zoom Lens, Her World Crashes Her Only Mission To Find Out Who Really Did This And Why They Framed Her.But Before She Can Help Anyone Ryan S Got To Get Her Anger In Check She Turns To Sullivan Crisp S Healing Choices Clinic, But Even That Doesn T Go According To Plan Quirky And Unusual Don T Even Begin To Describe Sully And She Soon Realizes That He Isn T The Quick Fix Therapist She Was Hoping For Between His Unorthodox Counseling And A Group Of Women Who Are The First Real Friends She S Had In A Long Time, Ryan Begins To Realize It S Not Control She S For, But Something Much Powerful.

About the Author: Nancy N. Rue

Nancy Rue is the author of over 100 books for adults and teens, including the Christy Award winning The Reluctant Prophet, Unexpected Dismounts and Healing Waters with Steve Arterburn , which was the 2009 Women of Faith Novel of the Year She travels extensively at times on the back of a Harley speaking to and teaching groups of women of all ages Nancy lives on a lake in Tennessee with her Harle

10 thoughts on “Healing Sands (A Sullivan Crisp Novel)

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    I am certain that I experienced and related to every feeling Ryan Coe had in this book.

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    I did not enjoy this book as much as the first two Sullivan Crisp books However, it stuck with me I continue to contemplate some of the themes explored within the plot and character development Sully s charact...

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    I love this Sullivan Crisp series Looking forward to the next one.

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    I am a big fan of the Sullivan Crisp books, but this one was a little off for me Healing Waters is my favorite so far I was glad to see anger, from a wife and mother s perspective, addressed.

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    Healing Sands by Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn is third in the Sullivan Crisp novels Although part of a series it can easily be read as a stand alone story And story it is Touching on anger, murder, race, betrayal, faith in God, and a mother s love the authors have developed a well written book one that is grippingly honest and authentic The prose is vivid and exquisite her voice had sounded just as he remembered like a bright silk scarf slipping across his soul It s all about surrender but surrender to what to whom How does one let go Surrender is painful It s frightening It s daunting But it is the right, the only thing to do The characters are well developed and evocative Their lives are shattering and the reader is right ...

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    The best of three So happy to finally see Sully s story evolve and with such plot twists I loved the mystery part but also the therapy sessions I gained some very personal insights by reading this book.

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    Read for the 2018 Reading Challenge A book by a favorite authorI struggled with this one something about the characters never gelled Nancy s Reluctant Prophet series is compelling IMHO.

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    Really good, lots of twist and turns

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    I loved this book The characters are written so they are relatable Doc Crisp is very entertaining in each book and has such a heart for people even thru his own problems I have enjoyed being part of his journey and getting to know him with each book I wish there were books to come

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    Ryan needs help controlling her anger and getting her family back Sully is on a search to put closure to the deaths of his wife and daughter Dan needs help being firmer and decisive Each of these characters is an integral part of Healing Sands They each need to learn how to surrender to God and let Him guide their choices and direction Is it easy No, especially when Ryan goes to an accident to take pictures only to find her 15 year old son being arrested for running over a Hispanic teenager Then, he won t talk to her and Dan her ex husband won t make him What will happen to Jake and Alex How do Ginger and Ian fit into the picture The twists and turns of the case will keep any reader riveted to their seat.Sully is looking for Belinda Cox His idea is to talk to her and make sure she never causes another person...

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