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More Starlight to Your Heart Akane Is A Charming Young Girl With Two Separate Identities Growing Up As A Princess In The Dainagon Family, She Befriends Aogi, Who, As He Matures, Takes A Position With The Inner Guards At The Imperial Palace, Thus Becoming Unavailable To The Outside World When The Long Lasting Separation From Her Childhood Chum Becomes Unbearable, Akane Must Assume A Second Persona, That Of A Servant Of The Imperial Palace But Entering The Gates Of The Castle Doesn T Get Her Any Closer To Aogi, And Soon, These Star Crossed Lovers Are Breaking All The Rules For That Sweet Reunion They Both Crave.

10 thoughts on “More Starlight to Your Heart

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    Cute little series Akane and Aogi are such a cute couple, and Akane s blunderings make this series giggle worthy Surprisingly, I liked the supporting characters just as much as the main ones I really enjoyed the...

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    I found the protagonist bland and one dimensional and the plot too typical to be special I liked the historical aspect and the artwork, but the story is very basic with nothing I found interesting.

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    Very cute

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    Volumes One and Two of More Starlight to Your Heart were available through a book fair at my middle school, and this was one of the first manga series I read The artwork is very cutesy and beautiful, but the story line was a little hard to follow I had some trouble telling the characters apart, given their similar outfits but maybe that s because I was new to manga I thought Akane was simply too childish and Kasuga too evil they didn t strike me as real people, but ca...

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    well, i like how Akane is sort of childish and is adorable but what really surprised me was that one of minor captain aogis friends or aquaintances was actually Akanes older brother

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    I loved this It s a shame I read this out of order, and that it is basically an incomplete series It is just too cute to not have a real ending Okay, a translated ending Only two volumes is not enough

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    cute historical sort of manga Akane pretends to be her mother s servant in order to stay the inner court where her childhood friend is a guard Has some cute moments By the end of the volume I wanted the next one Too bad it s a series that was never finished here in the US

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    It s really cute It s a short, innocent romance from the Japanese Middle Ages.

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    A confusing manga at first but quickly turns into a flufffy manga XD

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