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Fairy Poems Fairy Poems Read Author Clare Bevan Chardonneret.eu Do You Believe In Fairies These Fairy Poems Were Scribbled On Stones And Tucked Under Pillows, And They Revealed Lots Of Fairy Secrets In This Book You Will Find Out Where The Tooth Fairy Goes, What Naughty Fairies Like To Do For Fun And How To Sing Fairy Songs And Don T Forget To Practice Your Flying For The Fairy Ball A Bedtime Rhyme For Young FairiesOne Tired Fairy,Two Folded Wings,Three Magic Wishes,Four Daisy Rings,Five Moonlight Dancers,Six Starlight Spells,Seven Hidden Treasures,Eight Silver Bells,Nine Secret Doorways,Ten Keys To Keep,And One Little Fairy Fast Asleep.

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    this book was realy fasanating.i learned that poems arent boring for they can be fun

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