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    Dirk works for Fawcett s Corsets as a clothing designer Although his boss Sukie insists he will be the perfect model for the trad romantic stuff in her next catalog, Dirk is not convinced He cares deeply about the catalog coming out right and knows how important it is to both the shop and his boss He doesn t want to mess up or disappoint anyone involved with the photo shoot When Sukie won t take no for an answer, Dirk concedes, with quite a bit of trepidation, and Kit resolves to be there for him every step of the way Staytape is a refreshing story that focuses on characters that you don t often see in stories It would be so easy for these men to be simple stereotypes, but Draven has written them with so much depth and emotion The main focus is on the interactions between the two lovers, and not simply on what type of clothes they like to wear It is wonderful to be presented with two characters who are completely comfortable with who they are, and make no excuses or exceptions They are men that like to wear makeup, cors...

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    Dirk designs and sews outfits for I m not sure Kind of a specialty stores, corsets and kilts for guys, tight leather and pvc stuff, sexy but not sex stuff Anyway, his boss is getting ready to make their new catalogue and is basically forcing Dirk to be one of the models His boyfriend Kit who models for free promises to help him through it Half way through Dirk is totally losing it so Kit ducks under the kilt to relax him The shoot goes great and company flourishes I m kind of ambivalent For one I detest people who push around their employees and force them to do things they don t want to do Who just bully over them and don t give a damn about how they are feeling like Dirk s boss Kit is the kind who wears make up and nail polish and he was understanding and knew Dirk had no choice which I didn t quite get tell her to fi...

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Stay Tape Ebook Stay Tape Author Alex Draven Dirk Loves His Life He Has His Partner, Kit, And He Has A Wonderful Job At The Local Fetish Shop, Working Behind The Scenes Panic Sets In When Dirk S Boss, Sukie, Asks Him To Model Some Of The Wares In The Next Catalog He S Not Sure He Wants To Be On The Front Lines, Where Everyone Can See Him Kit Is Than Happy To Help Dirk Get Over His Case Of Nervous Jitters In Fact, Kit Might Just Be Uniquely Suited To The Task He Sets Out To Make Sure Dirk Can Do The Job, Helping Dirk Ease His Fears Can They Prove To Dirk That It S Not So Bad To Be In The Spotlight After All