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The Consciousness Revolution Download The Consciousness Revolution Peter Russell Jobs In The Consciousness Revolution Is An Extrodinary Discussion Among Three Of The Very Finest Minds Of Our Time, Spirited In Its Exchange, Compassionate In Its Embrace, Brilliant In Its Clarion Call To Awaken Our Conscience And Consciousness Ken Wilber, Author Of Sex, Ecology, Spirituality And One Taste

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    We are, each of us, pulling together the pieces that allow us to make sense of our lives, and to lead happier, healthier and caring lives Each little bit counts And sometimes, that new little bit can be the piece that suddenly brings many other pieces together, leading to a breakthrough or spiritual awakening If we think we have to change others, we are missing the point It makes us think we are special It puts us in the position of being in command of trying to control the s...

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    This book emphasizes the idea that our world is based on wrong concepts Nowadays quantum physics is much better the Newtonian mechanical physics but it still can t explain some basic elements of life such as consciousness.The authors are indeed great minds of our time, that were not afraid to try a different perspective to science A consciousness revolution is indeed needed if we are to escape the materialist paradigm of our times and enter a new spiritual era If we are ...

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