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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement
  • Jodi Kantor
  • English
  • 22 November 2018
  • 9780525560340

10 thoughts on “She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement

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    Kantor and Twohey are the two New York Times investigative reporters that broke the story about Harvey Weinstein s habitual sexual harassment towards women More than 80 women have come forward to date The two journalists had to wade through a flood of bullying tactics Weinstein used to keep these women s stories silent for so long Weinstein used his wealth to hire top tier attorneys to craft airtight confidentiality agreements that his accusers had to sign in order to receive compensation He also used media via The National Enquirer to either bury personal accounts or to discredit the victims and used security firms like Black Cube to intimidate women accusers.More disheartening is how presumably feminist attorneys like Gloria Allred negotiated nondisclosure agreements for victims in order to enrich themselves with 40% of the payout not just for Harvey s victims, but for women abused by Fox News host Bill O Reilly and Olympics gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar And then there is Allred s daughter, Lisa Bloom, who was retained by Weinstein She developed a strategy of online campaigns to discredit accusers, painting them as liars, as well as other tactics.Kantor and Twohey also interviewed Christine Blasey Ford who accused now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of assault, and follow her testimony before Congress Ford comes across as totally na ve in regards to the political ramifications of her coming forward She seems to have felt it was her duty as a citizen to inform Senator Feinstein, but really did not want to testify.Recommend this compelling account of stellar investigative reporting.

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    Excellent I read it in one sitting Ultimately it was unbelievable, all too real, enraging, and hopeful Highly recommended for those who have been following the metoo movement.

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    NY Times journalists Jodi Megan hereafter J M spent 3 years investigating movie producer Harvey Weinstein s sexual harassment, alleged rape and threats against actresses and employees HW his younger brother Bob managed Miramax award winning film studio Weinstein C0 J M tracked HW s exploits to 1990 and even further backward The authors tracked 8 12 women who were pd off forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement NDA The authors concluded the NDA made money for the victim her atty but did not make HW s negative illegal behavior toward women go away IMO Bob perpetuated HW s illegal behavior through Bob s inaction The authors also explored scientist Christine Blasey Ford s accusation against federal judge Supreme Ct nominee Brett Kavanaugh Reportedly he intended to rape her when they both were teens at a party, which offered too much alcohol and no adults IMO Ford s attys were not entirely honest with her about their stategy how the Senate Judiciary Committee SJC would treat her Anita Hill testified against SCOTUS nominee Clarence Thomas 27 yrs prior In the inter vening yrs the SJA seemed to have no set protocol on witnessess, evidence or timeframes Shame on the SJC, which contained many former state federal prosecutors The authors also discussed women pressured for sex by supervisors in lower paying jobs Some of these women were fired, black balled in the industry or became homeless.

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    Well researched Thought provoking Eye opening I may need a little time to digest but the clearest thing I am taking away from the book is the BRAVERY of the women who came forward and faced the backlash.

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    Written in a riveting, fact based manner I couldn t put it down A must read for anyone who is a woman or knows a woman.

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    I could not put this down Fascinating read Highly recommend Kudos to these two amazing journalists and authors.

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    If the story was not shared, nothing would change.

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    A difficult book to readI expected to be difficult to read after all the stories This a well written book by the authors The courage of the authors and The New York Times demonstrated in this story gives me hope Because it is well written and organized I could not put it down

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    I d give it six stars if I could Utterly nail biting and gripping, the tension was palpable How these authors collaborated with their NewYork Times colleagues and each other was full of bravery and badassery I m in awe of Ashley Judd and her decision to go on record first The power that perpetrators of sexual harassment and violence still hold to discredit, silence, get confirmation to the Supreme Court, remain President and steer the smear campaigns is considerable Yet the work these two, Kantor and Twohey, spearheaded will be remembered for changing the conversation as we all learn to begin the painful progression we must endure as a human race Things are not equal for women by any means yet However, the detective work and the bravery these two and their coworkers and subjects displayed gets my complete awe.

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    A must read The amount of work and integrity that these journalists put into uncovering years and years of manipulation, cover ups, and abuse from Harvey Weinstein is admirable Kantor and Twohey transparently detail how they found their sources, encouraged victims to speak to them, and navigated the murky waters of NDA s and secret pay offs to buy silence She Said is gut wrenching and horrifying to read through hello, Lisa Bloom memo but so necessary in continuing to do the work of dismantling systems that protect predators.

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She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a MovementFrom The Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporters Who Broke The News Of Harvey Weinstein S Sexual Harassment And Abuse For The New York Times, Jodi Kantor And Megan Twohey, The Thrilling Untold Story Of Their Investigation And Its Consequences For The MeToo Movement For Many Years, Reporters Had Tried To Get To The Truth About Harvey Weinstein S Treatment Of Women Rumors Of Wrongdoing Had Long Circulated But In , When Jodi Kantor And Megan Twohey Began Their Investigation Into The Prominent Hollywood Producer For The New York Times, His Name Was Still Synonymous With Power During Months Of Confidential Interviews With Top Actresses, Former Weinstein Employees, And Other Sources, Many Disturbing And Long Buried Allegations Were Unearthed, And A Web Of Onerous Secret Payouts And Nondisclosure Agreements Was Revealed These Shadowy Settlements Had Long Been Used To Hide Sexual Harassment And Abuse, But With A Breakthrough Reporting Technique Kantor And Twohey Helped To Expose It But Weinstein Had Evaded Scrutiny In The Past, And He Was Not Going Down Without A Fight He Employed A Team Of High Profile Lawyers, Private Investigators, And Other Allies To Thwart The Investigation When Kantor And Twohey Were Finally Able To Convince Some Sources To Go On The Record, A Dramatic Final Showdown Between Weinstein And The New York Times Was Set In MotionNothing Could Have Prepared Kantor And Twohey For What Followed The Publication Of Their Initial Weinstein Story On October , Within Days, A Veritable Pandora S Box Of Sexual Harassment And Abuse Was Opened Women All Over The World Came Forward With Their Own Traumatic Stories Over The Next Twelve Months, Hundreds Of Men From Every Walk Of Life And Industry Were Outed Following Allegations Of Wrongdoing But Did Too Much Change Or Not Enough Those Questions Hung In The Air Months Later As Brett Kavanaugh Was Nominated To The Supreme Court, And Christine Blasey Ford Came Forward To Testify That He Had Assaulted Her Decades Earlier Kantor And Twohey, Who Had Unique Access To Ford And Her Team, Bring To Light The Odyssey That Led Her To Come Forward, The Overwhelming Forces That Came To Bear On Her, And What Happened After She Shared Her Allegation With The WorldIn The Tradition Of Great Investigative Journalism, She Said Tells A Thrilling Story About The Power Of Truth, With Shocking New Information From Hidden Sources Kantor And Twohey Describe Not Only The Consequences Of Their Reporting For The MeToo Movement, But The Inspiring And Affecting Journeys Of The Women Who Spoke Up For The Sake Of Other Women, For Future Generations, And For Themselves

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