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More Than One Truth For Fans Of Scott Turow Or John Grisham Comes This Psychologically Complex Legal Thriller From An Exceptionally Talented New Writer MTOT Is The Story Of An Idealistic Young Attorney Who Must Defend A Childhood Acquaintance From Murder While Receiving Guidance From His Mentor S Ghost After His Client And Lover Exposes Their Illicit Affair, The Unnamed Narrator Is Forced To Resign His Position As An Attorney In The Navy JAG Corps He Takes A Job With A Charismatic Criminal Defense Attorney Known For Reckless Behavior, Which Reunites Him With His Hometown Of Chico, California After Tragedy Strikes And John Dies, He Must Take On His First Felony Murder Case Alone His Client Is Scotty Watts, A Former High Classmate And Sports Superstar Turned Jail Bird Scotty Professes His Innocence And Remembers Nothing About The Night In Question Other Than Waking Up In A Pool Of Blood To Sheriff S Deputies Pounding On His Door Despite A Mountain Of Evidence Pointing To Scotty S Guilt, Narrator Works Earnestly To Exonerate Him But While He Investigates The Case, It Becomes Harder And Harder To Separate Fact From Fiction, And His Mind Starts To Unravel Filled With Conspiracy Theories, Twists, Turns, And Eleventh Hour Evidentiary Discoveries, More Than One Truth Leads To A Climax That Shocks To The Core A Unique Take On The Legal Thriller, A Story About The Conflicted Emotions Of Returning Home, Shattered Idealism, And The Pernicious Effect Of Loneliness Will Keep Many Readers Guessing Until The End Kirkus Reviews Spooky Kirkus Reviews The Groundwork Is Laid Early On, But With Such A Light Touch That Clues Are Easy To Overlook Kirkus Reviews

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    I accepted a gift copy of this book in an exchange for an honest review While I really, really wanted to love it, it pains me to say, I didn t There s an abundance of telling and names like Thin moustache, Asian Accountant, Watermelon Belly, etc were distracting and derogative Don t get me wrong, I can relate to those things when the person is unknown but Thin Mustache is the protagonist s mother s caregiver, a totally undervalued job, so how fuckn rude The other names are in references to jurors, one being the foreman of an important case Again bad taste That brings me to the guts of this story Was it thrilling Rather than incriminate myself, I call the fifth.This story didn t work for me on so many levels, the kindest thing I can do for this debut author is not bring it down by adding a 2 star rating Don t judge this book by my rating non rating check out the other reviews, all rated highly.

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    Great book I loved it I got really involved with the characters that Matt created It did have some dark areas but nothing that bothered me A young Naval JAG attorney relocates to his hometown and becomes a defense attorney working with an older and eccentric attorney When this attorney is tragically killed in an auto accident he is on his own defending a man for murder that he went to high school with The case against Scotty Watts seems open and shut but don t be fooled I won t say any for fear of giving too much away Read this book You will not be sorry Lots of twists and turns I loved John and Arthur My favorite characters in the book And as a personal side note, the book takes place in Chico California where Aaron Rodgers is from Aaron Rodgers is my second favorite quarterback currently playing After Drew Brees of course.

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    This was an enjoyable book.It moved at a quick pace, although there were some times that it slowed down and became tedious Not that it was horribly written, I m just one who gets absorbed into the cases in crime novels and not the backstory on all the characters The backstories were done well though, it added depth to the characters.I liked the conversations between the main character and his mentor John, it was interesting to see the different viewpoints they had on the case.That ending though Wow I kept trying to figure how the case would turn out, but I couldn t I thought I got close once, but it threw me However, that last chapter was something else It happened so quick I had to read it twice to process what I had just read.It was so good I love endings like that, and they don t happen all that often I would definitely recommend this book, it s a fast read and quite enjoyable.

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    I received the book from the author with a request to review the book via Goodreads as it was similar to a book I had previously reviewed and loved Now this excited me but the book I had previously read I won t divulge it as it will give a possible clue to the ending had an unusual reading but it also gave me a bit much of a clue as to how the book would endor so I thought.More Than One Truth is a legal thriller written in the first person by a solicitor sacked by the Navy following a legal complaint Unsure what to do the narrator sees an article about another lawyer and class mate, Will, from his home town Chico winning a 2m settlement and decides to contact him regarding a job Will doesn t have anything but gives him the name of another Chico solicitor, John Hodkinson who offers the narrator a job Following developments , don t want any spoilers at the firm the narrator gets his first big case, the defence of another ex school friend Scotty for the murder of his marijuana growing partner John Anderson The scenes were set and the characters developed very well I thought, although there were quite a few references to other famous Chico stalwarts, the unbelievable Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers, another ex school bud, and Chico s famous brewery Sierra Nevada After a while though I was confused with what I was reading as we moved from a solid legal based thriller drama to something that appeared to be a cross between the Sixth Sense and Dr Dolittle.The Police didn t seem to keen on another possibilities as to the killer, who s body still hasn t been found despite the pool of blood, matching his DNA, that Scotty was clearing up in his own cabin when the Police arrived and claiming that he couldn t remember anything that happened Therefore the narrator and his investigator, Rick, re left to find out what has happened.The pace quickened and I would see there is no way that the reader can guess the outcome, other than what you may know in advance see my first sentence I was definitely engrossed and wondering if my hints were just a red herring.As the book progressed I found myself hooked despite all the reservations above and Matt Benson certainly knows how to pace a novel and keeping the reader wanting .So the ending, I m sure many would have been shocked and so was I The reason being I don t think there was a definite conclusion I know who it isn t but I ve reread it a couple of times and can t decide between two protagonists Now some people like that, personally I don t I like a definite concrete that s what happened.My summary Did I enjoy the book Yes I did Would I recommend it yes I would I think Matt Benson is certainly a good storyteller who knows how to pace a book, draw the reader in and keep them interested As a writer I think he has a good future ahead of him and will certainly look forward to reading his future works Finally Matt thank you for the opportunity to read the draft of your book, an experience I thoroughly enjoyed I may have been critical than usual but I kind of thought that my job here was to be critical friend.Buy the book and help support this talented and promising author on his journey.

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    Gripping The characters are well developed, particularly the protagonist who has a somewhat cynical, almost Holden Caulfield view of the world except when it comes to dogs Very unique legal thriller that adeptly blends together diverse themes such as mental health depression and small town politics Well worth the read.

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    I was asked to read an early draft and I loved it Can t wait for from this author

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    I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest opinion I am glad I did as I really enjoyed reading this There were so many times that I had a hard time to stop reading I loved the plot and the mystery To me it never got predictable and at times I felt I had it figured out but then another twist would make me think again The pace in which things unfolded felt just right to me I never got bored, and I was really surprised by the ending Although I loved the plotting, what made the novel work for me was the characters and the setting Matt Benson wonderfully described the town of Chino, its history, its people, and its politics The town to me became another character in the book.All of the characters were great and memorable for me Even when he described certain minor characters with what seemed to be derogatory terms, it should have bothered me but in the end it made them memorable than if they had actual names I found it very unique.The protagonist and narrator was so well developed that I quickly got invested in what was happening to him The author takes you into the mind of a truly troubled soul, and you go through a world of emotions with him You feel sorry for him, like him, hate him, confused by his actions and sometimes all at the same time Two other captivating characters are John and Arthur I loved the relationships developed with the Narrator and how they fit into the unraveling of the mystery.Overall a wonderful debut novel for this new author that I look forward to reading from in the future.

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    Holy crap This book delivers the kind of ending you crave but rarely get I m dying to re read the book to piece together all the cleaver writing I kept thinking what an amazing movie this would be Definitely recommend I couldn t put it down

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    SlowI skipped a huge amount of this book, some of it did not make sense and I found the ending amateurish

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    I don t typically gravitate towards legal thrillers, but I picked up MTOT and blew through it in three days It was so entertaining, I couldn t put it down I was engrossed in the characters especially the narrator and John and loved all the plot twists and turns The dark nature of the main character s personality made for a really interesting first person narration an intimate glance into the mind of a troubled soul There were times I empathized with him and other times I was bewildered by his behavior The author was able to draw me in as a reader and make me truly invested in the characters I had to know how the story resolved and now that I do, I want him to write a sequel I highly recommend MTOT if you re looking for an entertaining read for an airplane or a new book to cuddle up by the fire with as the seasons change You won t be disappointed.

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