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    Strange, baroque, decadent and delicious, this tiny tome caused several saucy shivers of delight while devouring it s gloriously archaic nuggets of poetic prose And, oh, the effective use of italics, done just right

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    An incredible piece of work Deadly, decadent and daring His prose goes where you didn t know you hoped it would Many of these stories left me giddy and grinning with vulgar delight Yarrow s voice is his own Let there be of it, and soon

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Mendicant City Download Mendicant City Author Yarrow Paisley Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Do Not Forgive Me, Man, For I Have Sinned I Am All Of The Millions, And I Am Myself One Of The Millions They Crowd Within Me, The People, And Rampage Among My Tissues Their Frenzy Is Perpetual Each One Of Them Weeps, And Brings Into My Body His Or Her Own Pain, And The Pain Of One Becomes My Pain, And Becomes The Pain Of Millions It Is An Awesome Responsibility, And I Bear It Because I Love Them I Would Not Do, Otherwise Yet I Have Sinned I Love Them, But Their Pain Is Great I Confess, I Have Thought Of Myself I Have Ordained Myself I I Have Imagined Myself An Entity Not Of Them, But Of Something Altogether New But I Have Not Set Myself Higher, I Tell You, But Apart I Love Them, Than I Do This Voice I Love Them As I Know Them, Than I Do This Voice Yet I Am Coming To Know My Voice, And I Am Coming To Love It Too And I Have Sinned.I Am The City You Are My Sin.