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Fantastic Five: The Final Doom TPB As The Human Torch And Lyja Discuss The Merits Of Leaving The F5 To Form Their Own Team And Sharon Ventura Returns To Confront Her Ex Husband The Thing, The Real Doctor Doom Returns With Cosmic Like Power And A Thirst For Revenge On Reed Richards And The Sub Mariner Also Starring The Invisible Woman, Psi Lord And Kristoff And Cameos Galore Collects Fantastic Five 1 5.

About the Author: Tom DeFalco

Tom DeFalco is an American comics writer and editor, well known for his association with Marvel Comics and Spider Man.

10 thoughts on “Fantastic Five: The Final Doom TPB

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    3.5 StarsNot a bad comic, just not one of my favourites.

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    Middle of the road alternate universe Fantastic Four story At least it read quickly.

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    In this second Fantastic Five volume set in Marvel s MC2 Universe , Dr Doom escapes from where he s been imprisoned by Namor the Submariner in an attempt to wreck vengeance on his old enemies who are now the Fantastic Five At the same time, back from the negative zone, Reed Richards is reasserting leadership over the group leading to Johnny to start thinking about starting his own group Then Doom comes acalling with the goal of defeating the FF and taking over the world.This volume of the Fantastic Five is far better than the previous unfocused story, and it shows great promise with a central villain in Dr Doom living up to his reputation and making audacious plays that are mostly successful in his efforts to shoehorn his hated enemies I particularly loved the focus on Ben Grimm in Issue 2 after Doctor Doom left him for dead It really showed what a great character Grimm is.Unfortunately, the story ran into problems in the second half There were simply too many characters running around While the group is style the Fantastic Five, in addition to Reed, Ben, Sue, Johnny Storm, and Franklin Richards, the FF also contains Johnny s wife, his kid, and Ben s two kids by his ex wife, as well as Dr Doom s ex apprentice Kristos All with powers and all in the story This was the state of play after the previous FF story What became clear was that the goal of the book was to whittle the team down to a true Fantastic Five wit...

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    Un comic de esos entretenidos sin m s que a veces apetece leer para pasar el rato y ya Tom DeFalco el guionista es un cl sico de Marvel, que nadie espere de l una obra que revolucione el g nero pero s guiones solventes y un poco justos a veces que entretienen El dibujante es Ron Lim, una pena porque se queda justito como ilustrador aunque se defiende lo normal como narrador La verdad es que me habr a gustado ver que har a, por ejemplo, el portadista Clayton Henry que se marca un par de portadas la que ilustra este texto es una bastante chulas aunque luego a saber si es buen narrador o no La historia El doctor muerte, ese se or, vuelve a hacerse con el poder c smisco que en su momento Galactus otorgaba a sus heraldos y decide, como no, conquistar el mundo y humillar a los 5 fant sticos por el camino Son los 5F porque esta saga pertenece a unos comics que se desarrollan en el futuro pr ximo de M...

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    Okay, I will start off by saying that when I picked this up and started reading I had never heard of the Marvel Comics 2 imprint universe AND nowhere in this book does it mention it If not for the internet and a handy wikipedia search after a third of the way in I would have been left feeling I had somehow missed MANY important events over the last decade of the Fantastic Four, not to mention being unable to tell how the hell the kids got so old so fast after Secret invasion and Civil war Once I understood this was part of an alternate universe and had my bearings I was able to dive ...

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    Nice clean cut super hero fun with the bestest enemy ever being bad ass with big talk.

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    There s a real soft place in my heart for the MC2 Universe and especially the F5 Or a soft place in my head Either way Long Live MC2 Except their Peter Parker, sadly.

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    Better than the previous volume Doom is back, and so is the original Fantastic Four Some good character stuff.

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