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Bollywood: A Guidebook to Popular Hindi Cinema (Routledge Film Guidebooks) In Bollywood, Anthropologist And Film Scholar Tejaswini Ganti Provides A Guide To The Cultural, Social And Political Significance Of Hindi Cinema, Outlining The History And Structure Of The Bombay Film Industry, And The Development Of Popular Hindi Filmmaking Since The 1930s.Providing Information And Commentary On The Key Players In Bollywood, Including Composers, Directors And Stars, As Well As Material From Current Filmmakers Themselves, The Areas Covered In Bollywood Include History Of Indian Cinema Main Themes And Characteristics Of Hindi Cinema Significant Films, Directors And Stars Production And Distribution Of Bollywood Films Interviews With Actors, Directors And Screenwriters.Anyone Interested In, Or Studying Bollywood Cinema Will Find This A Valuable Purchase.

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    Really accessible, informative and interesting, not just explaining the history of popular Hindi cinema but also putting it into context politically and economically Great examples of people in the industry and films.

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    Super interesting look at Bollywood, provides a lot of valuable information and background on the industry.

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    A nice brief breakdown of Hindi cinema, I found it easy to read and dip into and the recommendations were really good I would have liked a wider selection of backgrounds to other prominent actors and actresses in the industry and also...

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    This is an excellent guide If you aren t lucky enough to have a personal tour guide to Bollywood movies, this is a good start It s not too academic but gives a lot of fascinating background information about how the Indian film industry got its start, and even lists key actors actresses di...

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    Quite informative I have a familiarity with Hindi cinema and found this helpful in learning Good for beginners, people who are familiar like me and for anyone wanting to study .

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    I had to read this for a class What class, you say Surely, you say, if a professor at a renowned university decided to use the book, then it must have some merits, even if I personally disliked it Well, no The class I had to read it for was taught by the author of Bollywood A Guide to Popular Hindi Cinema, and that s why we read it The book does contain some historical information on the founders and epochs of Hindi cinema, and the professor has done some research for it in Bollywood However, she can be rather condescending and acerbic in person, and that shows through in her book Personally, I found...

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    This is a fascinating book I learned so much about the sociologies of India and how it affected Indian cinema that I feel much informed I work a lot with the films of India in my job, so the topic was relevant to what I do every day I do this job, however, partly because I love Indian cinema , which was the impetus for reading the book in the first place.If I weren t such an academic person, I might have found it harder to read...

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    Written with academic rigor, Ganti attempts to explain Bollywood on its own terms She has a discerning eye for the socio cultural significance of Bollywood cinema and her book neither celebrates nor demeans the medium Instead, it reveals Bollywood s inner workings, brin...

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    For a indepth summary, see

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    A concise overview of the history of Indian cinema, and how it is has developed its own unique vocabulary Includes many mentions and descriptions of important or representative films.