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  • Kindle Edition
  • 93 pages
  • My wife turned me into a lipstick lesbian
  • Jessie Ash
  • English
  • 23 September 2018

10 thoughts on “My wife turned me into a lipstick lesbian

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    While I found this to be an interesting story, and quite enjoyed being surprised by the way it developed, the title blurb are a bit misleading My Wife Turned Me Into a Lipstick Lesbian is less about lesbian role playing within a marriage, and about straight gender transformation.In hindsight, I suspect that bit of misdirection is intentional on Jessie Ash s part, since she does leave us clues in the blurb Looking back, there are words and terms that jump out at me and paint a different picture than the overall blurb did Quite clever, and a clever story ...

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    I don t have a problem with the fact that 90% of MtF transformation stories end up with the protagonist attracted to men having sex with men What I do have a problem with is being blatantly lied to by an author It s so much fun to have your hope raised for an MtF F tale only to get ...

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    The description and the title of this book are totally misleading.Totally fooled me wouldn t have bothered with this if I had known.This book is basically about a straight guy that gets turned into a straight woman.Granted there is a little girl on girl action but that hardly qualifies to say there is anything lesbian about this book.I hoped that there would have been at least a little consent in the whole turning into a girl thing here, but it s basically one big des...

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My wife turned me into a lipstick lesbian A Gender Transformation Novelette Will Is A Floater He Has No Job Or Ambition The Only Bright Spot In His Life Is His Marriage To Clare, A Successful Scientist While She Earns A Living, Will Stays Home And Plays The Happy House Husband But Clare Wants She Wants To Be The Dominant Figure In The Bedroom And Have Will Play The Woman A Role Playing Game That Eventually Goes Too Far, Resulting In Steamy Consequences That Affect Will S Marriage And Life Forever.

About the Author: Jessie Ash

Jessie Ash is an avid fan of scifi romance gender transformation fiction Her passion is taking ordinary characters and thrusting them into a world of steamy seduction as well as chatting it up with her readers She s also a sick and twisted soul just saying.