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    Re Echoes of the Past Sally Wentworth does all out OTT wrecki drama and this one is no exception Again we are back to SW s favorite trope of Revenge, but this time it is the H who wants revenge for his own mistake Tho of course Rule 1 it is always the h s fault is heavily emphasized and expounded upon by one of the nastiest, meanest H s HPlandia has seen in a loong time not since the last Margaret Pargeter at least, and none of MP s H EVER used such language The book opens with the h being 19 and working in a casino after her father died and her little brother was born prematurely and blind There is the HP Gold Standard American operation available to help him regain his sight, but the US doesn t take the NHS and so the h and her mother are working themselves to the bone to get the money somehow The h is also casually dating a young nobleman who will be a Duke and his family is extremely worried about the h being a possible future duchess The H is dispatched to set things straight with regards to the h s non status in a future Duke s live and in that classic subtrope of insta love displaced into extreme hostile aggression the H offers the h money to get out of town and sign an agreement not to see the future Duke again.The h, insulted that the H accosted her and then called her a tart and a bargain basement box girl, ...

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    Yay I finally broke my HP dry streak.If you re in the mood for a snobby alpha hero behaving badly who gets a pretty fair comeuppance from the horribly misjudged and mistreated virgin, this is a great one.Perdita Perdy is 19 when the book opens Her life had taken a big turn 8 years before when her father had died in a car accident Her pregnant mother then delivered prematurely and the child was blind She and her mom had to deal with reduced circumstance and sacrifice a lot to send the brother to a special school for the blind and then find out there s a miracle surgery in America isn t there always in HPLand Perdy splits her time between college by day and working in a casino at night saving almost all her for her brother s operation She happens to meet a nice guy a few years older who s a Viscount and will eventually be a Duke Truly, she just likes him as a friend He claims to love her though She tells him she s not in for anything serious, but he persists She lets it go on as long as it doesn t go farther than kissing and the occasional weekend out Plus she appreciates that he comes to the casino each night and drives her home to her sketchy neighborhood where she lives in desperate poverty while she saves for the operation.The snobby fam finds out their darling boy is seeing some tart who works in a casino and alpha snob, Uncle Jared, appoints himself to be the one to get rid of the conniving slu...

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    Wonderful story of a 19 year old heroine who takes the money and runs after the hero offers her 35,000 pounds to leave his nephew alone Heroine gives the money to her young blind brother so he can have surgery.Fast forward a few years heroine has graduated from university and is starting up the career ladder in the hotel industry She is squirreling away money to pay back the hero and living like a nun Enter hero who is on the board of directors who wants her fired as revenge for taking his money Making him desire her Never forgetting about her All of the above.But heroine is good at her job, wows the board with her proposal so the hero can t get her fired Instead, he can threaten her if she talks to OM 1 and OM 2 his nephew who is back and still in love with the h A business trip to the Isle of Jersey with the H turns into a forced seduction and lots of angst for the h.From there...

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    I m exhausted I honestly don t know how to rate this one 1 star, 4 star, wimpy average at 3 The hero is a cruel, sadistic, nasty man and not in a good way He says some of the cruelest things I ve read in a Harlequin Purdey, the heroine, is pretty good at dishing it out, but, please girl, why did you fall in love with this guy Purdey is working as a croupier to save up for her little brother s eye surgery, or he ll go blind Apparently medical care IS better in the States as the family needs the surgery available here He Who Must Not Be Named swoops in to save his nephew who has a crush on Purdey who must be a gold digger The slut shaming is almost instantaneous, literally He tries to warn her off which she laughs off then he offers to pay her off Purdey is enraged and outraged and asks for 35,000 pounds which is a lot of money It s an ugly scene as he puts the moves on her and her betraying bodybetrays her It s gross They throw some insults at each other, and he leaves.Three or four years later Purdey has her fancy new degree and is the only woman executive with a hotel group Much is written about the dangers of being a woman in the workplace, and how Purdey will handle a pot...

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    4.5 starsThere are asshole heroes and then there are ASSHOLE heroes Jared fits the latter category perfectly He was so mean and rude to Purdey calling her a little bitch, gold digging slut, and con artist not all in one sitting though, thankfully Jared acted like such an ass, but I loved it because I could see how much he wanted Purdey even though he didn t want to Hehe.The two possessed strong chemistry which resulted in some delightful banter Purdey, of course, only responded with antagonism in order to deal with Jared s hostility I loved how she stood up to Jared and gave as good as she got It was impressive because when they had their first confrontation Purdey was only 19 to Jared s 30 31 years of age, a poor nobody to his wealthy and powerful banker essentially I also loved how Purdey held on to her standards by not rea...

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    Solid 4 never a boring moment stars The blurb is all wrong She didn t do anything to him just took advantage of his supreme arrogance stupidity just as he deserved The H is the usual misogynistic A hole with a god complex of period HPs I like the h she comes across as sorted and strong ...

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    Well if I was her I would have had a restraining order against him He goes into her room in the night forces himself on heromg what kind of an asshole does that if she had a chance it was a snowball chance in hell I did not like him at all He was the one who gave her the money and offered it to her, then the bastard then makes her pay for it over and over He wants to get her in bed n...

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    4,5 stars for my deliciously awful hero and sweet heroine who had a backbone and made the jerk grovel little bit.

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    Not bad If you re looking for angst, twists and turns with a believable, highly independent, smart heroine with a heart of gold, not to mention an alpha male hero who turns from arrogant asshole to humbled hero, this is the one Couldn t understand what he felt she owed him though Seemed like a sound business arrangement to me he paid her to stop seeing his nephew and that s what she did But writing was good enough for m...

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    dats how fairy tales shud be like from rags to riches, the heroine had her brand of magic when jared faulkner proposed her 35000pounds to stop seeing his nephew i remember reading dat book as a teenager but i did not remember the book s name so it was a pleasure to read it again, after like ten years to come back to the story, purdey was stunning and she turned heads wherever she went jared was no exception to this yet, he thought he was different from the other besotted fools bcoz he saw clearly in her game he was harsh, nasty and even brutal towards her but this also hid much suppressed passion these two burned the sheets they had dat kinda chemistry purdey was feisty, she made him sweat, and never gave in willingly to him she actually tamed him as, before finding out the truth, he actually decided to marry her my favourite moment was when he had the guts to ask her price to be his slut and she threw he...

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Echoes of the Past Read Echoes Of The Past Author Sally Wentworth Polishdarling.co.uk She D Always Intended To Make Amends SomedayNow That Day Had Dawned Sooner Than She D Expected And Jared Faulkner Was Demanding A Reckoning.Purdey Wasn T Proud Of The Way She D Treated Jared In The Past, Even Though At The Time She Could See No Real Alternative.But It Was A Fearful Price Jared Wanted To Extract From Her Far Greater Than She D Expected To Pay And Just As Before She Could See No Other Way Out Jared Had Her In His Power And Could So Easily Crush Her.

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Echoes of the Past
  • Sally Wentworth
  • English
  • 10 January 2017
  • 9780373113095

About the Author: Sally Wentworth

Doreen was born in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, UK She married Donald Alfred Hornsblow, with whom she has a son Keith, in 1968, the family lived in Braughing, England.Doreen began her publishing career at a Fleet Street newspaper in London, where she thrived in the hectic atmosphere She started writing after attending an evening class and sold her first novel to Mills Boon in 1977, she