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Life Writing Reading Life Writing Author Winifred Bryan Horner Contra Saustall.eu In Readings That Move From Personal Diaries And Personal Letters Through Autobiography And Biography That Assumes A Public Readership, And Finally To The Essay, The Reader Is Led Through An Ever Widening Audience Starting With Pieces That Draw Entirely On The Writer S Life To Biography Requiring Research Into Another Person S Life, The Reader Moves From Subjective To Objective Experience And Finally To The Essay That Attempts To Put That Experience Into A Larger Context The Selections Are Followed By Musings Which Suggest Features Of The Writing That The Reader Might Imitate And Recommendations For Writing Connections Presents Ways In Which Individual Pieces Might Be Paired With Others To Make Interesting Comparisons And To Generate Other Writing Ideas A Range Of Familiar And Unfamiliar Selections Are Organized From The Subjective To The Objective And Become Increasingly Difficult They Present A Wide Range Of Writing Styles To Allow Readers To Become Comfortable With Many Styles In Addition, These Selections Represent A Variety Of Cultures And Historical Periods To Give Readers An Appreciation Of Other Cultures And A Sense Of History A Valuable Book For Any Reader Who Wishes To Improve Their Writing Skills By Reading A Variety Of Selections By A Range Of Writers.

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