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    With only a single introductory philosophy course under my belt, and that having been taken way back in the late 80 s, I was probably not adequately prepared for this book Which explains the enormous passage of time between my start date and end date I am not used to reading material that requires such concentration, and my free time for reading is often at the end of the day, when the complexity of the sentences was baffling I would like to do a l...

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    Extremely clear introduction to the works of Kant, Fichte, Schelling and Hegel, the most important philosophers of the german idealism movement Problems, solutions, criticisms are systematically treated Highly recommended Portuguese e...

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    A good for further understanding Idealist philosophers such as Fichte, Schelling and Hegel.A very good book, easy to understand.

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Understanding German Idealism (Understanding Movements in Modern Thought) Epub Understanding German Idealism Understanding Movements In Modern Thought By Will Dudley Freeboooks.com An Excellent Introduction To This Hugely Important Philosophical Movement Of The Nineteenth Century Understanding German Idealism Provides An Accessible Introduction To The Philosophical Movement That Emerged In 1781, With The Publication Of Kant S Monumental Critique Of Pure Reason , And Ended Fifty Years Later, With Hegel S Death The Thinkers Of This Period, And The Themes They Developed Revolutionized Almost Every Area Of Philosophy And Had An Impact That Continues To Be Felt Across The Humanities And Social Sciences Today Notoriously Complex, The Central Texts Of German Idealism Have Confounded The Most Capable And Patient Interpreters For Than 200 Years Understanding German Idealism Aims To Convey The Significance Of This Philosophical Movement While Avoiding Its Obscurity Readers Are Given A Clear Understanding Of The Problems That Motivated Kant, Fichte, Schelling And Hegel And The Solutions That They Proposed Dudley Outlines The Main Ideas Of Transcendental Idealism And Explores How The Later German Idealists Attempted To Carry Out The Kantian Project Rigorously Than Kant Himself, Striving To Develop A Fully Self Critical And Rational Philosophy, In Order To Determine The Meaning And Sustain The Possibility Of A Free And Rational Modern Life The Book Examines Some Of The Most Important Early Criticisms Of German Idealism And The Philosophical Alternatives To Which They Led, Including Romanticism, Marxism, Existentialism, And Naturalism.