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    Just when I thought Twyla Turner could never write a couple who would rival Sloan and Lexi from her bestselling Damaged Souls series, here she comes with Chase and Daylen, and I am still in my feels Catching Day and Chasing Day are a sprawling, heartbreaking, poignant, romantic drama that spans a whopping 30 years, and this is what I absolutely love about this story The reader witnesses these two individuals literally and figuratively as they grow from children to mature adults We experience their triumphs and tragedies, as well as their fortunes and mishaps You, too, will be an emotional wreck.Chase McCoy seems to have it all on the outside cute, golden haired, popular even in grade school , but what everyone doesn t know is he s not a very happy person because looks are certainly deceiving One day on the school bus, this mini knight in shining armor comes to the rescue of a cute lil chubby bunny named Daylen Daniels when she is mercilessly bullied by a couple of mean girls That incident was not only their introduction to one another, but the beginning of the rest of their lives as best friends and .Love, love, love how we see the progression of Chase and Day as she s affectionately known as they discover new things about themselves and each other Best friends become lovers, but can lovers still remain best friends Any and everything happens to these two, and it s one, big mash up of emotion If yo...

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    Oh, boy There is so much romantic saga goodness going on in the CHASING DAY series Turner presents a love between two people that will reaffirm your belief in love that s meant to be Daylen and Chase s story begins when they are young Chase defends Day against bullying which sparks a friendship that slowly grows and then burns into a relationship that eventually defines them both The relationship between Chase and Day is emotionally scalding to them both This is a coming of age and maturity story so angst abounds, but it s believable angst Turner provides obstacles, frustrations, and mistakes that makes their story engrossing As their relationship develops we find that Chase s family dynamic is far from the perfect image that others see Chase has his own hell to survive while trying to live up to what other people expect from him Day steps up and provides just as much comfort and protection for Chase as he does for her against the pettiness and meanness of some of their classmates The biggest difference between them, is that Day is aware of what her real feelings for Chase are early on I wanted to give Chase a little shake to wake him up so that he could see what is right in front of him but his obtuseness is believable from a very young man Both Chase and Day make r...

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    The following is a summary and review of The Chasing Day series by Twyla Turner.Summary In the first book Chasing Day we re introduced to Chase McCoy, a young boy from a troubled home who forges a bond with Day the shy, cello playing girl next door But when their friendship evolves into romance, things get complicated In the concluding book, Catching Day youth begets adulthood as their friendship continues on a rockier path Mistakes are made, feelings are hurt, and precious time is lost to the pitfalls of distance and prideful posturing.Review Book one of this series was an enjoyable read I could see the growth in Turner s writing from her debut work in the Struck series For that I was relieved, because although I own her scarred series, I have been hesitant to delve into her books again With that stated, the second book in this series proved to be less impressive One of the strengths in Chasing Day was Turner s building of the heroine and heroes relationship from friends to lovers The pacing was steady, allowing us to get to know these characters, their inner workings, flaws and attributes, and how those things shape the bond between them Where things started to take a turn was toward the end, when it seemed Turner hit some kind of wall and decided to rush the major conflict that caused a separation between the two lovers Instead of taking her time ...

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    I have read most of this authors books and I read this one on Kindle Unlimited.This is Daylen and Chase s story I found this story to be an emotional roller coaster of a ride and totally heartbreaking Both Daylen and Chase made mistakes in the relationship and they missed opportunities to grasp at their happiness because they allowed life to get in the way However, I thought that some of the choices that Chase made where typical male mistakes but his were crueller because he made them with the one person he knew that that would hurt Daylen to the max I found that hard going.T...

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    Chasing Day is about two children who have bonded over life circumstances Chase is a 10 year old boy who rescues this chubby 9 year old Daylen from bullies who pick on her because she is overweight Their opening story was so sweet that it gave me a toothache and made me think back to my first crush I smiled and giggled like a besotted school girl when I read how their relationship formed Chase realized from a young age that outside appearances may not necessarily match the inside and vice versa and he realized that Daylen was a girl worth keeping as a friend Chase and his mom were abused by his father and during one of these incidents he hides at a tree house that connects their homes and when Daylen comforts him with her presence and willingness to be there for him, it solidifies their relationship for life They grow up and Chase is always protecting Daylen from the bullies while she is his rock in times of trouble During their teenage years Chase finally felt what Day felt from the get go was that he was in love with his best friend There are trials and tribulations and my heart hurt with the heartache that these two put each other through, but that is something that I love That I can feel their passion, their ache, their love, their eternal bond Chase ha...

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    This has to be hands down the best series that Twyla has put out yet What makes this so great is the time span and how she includes things that most of us 80 90 s babies can say yup I remember that The chemistry that is between the two characters is so real, not reaching for ...

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    I wanted to rate this 4 stars because of the redundancy in describing the Hero s green fleck eyes and the Heroine s plump rosy cheeks I was like if she states this one time, I m going to scream The 4 rating went out the window when t...

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    I always go into the novels with this trope with some trepidation If you are going to follow a couple from childhood to adulthood, the author has to make a decision how to allow the relationship to progress Too often the story mires itself in unnecessary drama with so many angsty, hair wrenching twists, and make ups and break ups that I end up being terminally exasperated by the couple and the author for creating tortuous blocks that often times do nothing but drag out the story for no good reason.But every once in awhile I come across one where the progression works For the most part this book is in the latter category Sure Day and Chase have their ups and downs and make ups and break ups but what I liked about it is that the author allowed their bedrock of a friendship to stay intact and that to me felt like a great grounding force in the relationship so than all the romantic plot blocks I do think the first book was much stronger in character, story and tone It also ended on a nice spot Yeah I hate cliffhanger stories that have to finish out in another or three volumes because frankly it feels like a cash grab and multi volume stories should be just that multi volume stories But at least author broke the story in a natural spot.The second volume only worked because it finally allowed the story to end on an HEA I liked the idea of C...

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    Once again Twyla has created some literary magic I am a softy for childhood romance so when Chase McCoy and Daylen Daniels meet in elamentary school after a bullying incident and Day being immediately attracted to him, I was all in Chase the popular football star, Daylen the shy cello player became best best best friend and nothing could break their bond well so they thought Take an amazing journey with Chase and Day, experience all the emotions that come along with this friendshi...

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    LoveI loved this series I had to put it down and walk away a few times, because I was angry or just a blubbering mess I laughed and cried with Daylen and Chase, I feel as if I know them personally Thank you so much for a great read s Turner.

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Chasing Day Series (Chasing Day, #1) (Chasing Day, #1) (Catching Day, #2) EPUB Chasing Day Series Chasing Day, 1 Chasing Day, 1 Catching Day, 2 Author Twyla Turner Horsebackridinggeorgia.us Daylen Daniels And Chase McCoy Are As Different As They Come Chase Is The Captain Of The Football Team Day Is The Shy Voluptuous Girl That Hides Behind Her Cello Though Their Differences Didn T Keep The Next Door Neighbors From Becoming Life Long Best Friends As They Grow Up, Their Attraction For Each Other Grows With Them But Will A Romantic Relationship Be The Only Thing That Could Destroy Their Unbreakable Bond Will Love And Timing Finally Fall In Sync Follow These Two Through Childhood To Adulthood, Love And Heartbreak, Tragedy And Triumph, InChasing Day And The Surprising And Heartwarming ConclusionCatching Day.

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About the Author: Twyla Turner

I was born and raised in Joliet, IL I wrote my first story in the 3rd grade and fell in love with creating my own world But throughout the years I have lacked the discipline to actually sit down and write Even with a minor in Creative Writing which should have been my major I have been a avid romance novel reader since Jr High and have read hundreds I have lived in Chicago, Japan, Californ