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    This is a well written book, which whilst the contents are not individually original, brings together a great summary of the philosophy of causation, laws of nature and explanation These topics fit very nicely together.Thinking about causation and ideas about laws of nature are closely related, but unfortunately are usually dealt with in separate areas of philosophy metaphyics and methodology or philosophy of science respectively Most books seem to fit into one or other category, and I have found nothing else which deals with both causation and laws of nature This is fairly irritating as in studying or reading about them there is much common material e.g Hume There are lots of overlaps and similarities between the ideas underlying theories of causation and laws of nature If you are interested in one of these topics, you are pr...

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Causation and Explanation Ebook Causation And Explanation Stathis Psillos Jwdfitness.co.uk What Is The Nature Of Causation How Is Causation Linked With Explanation And Can There Be An Adequate Theory Of Explanation These Questions And Many Others Are Addressed In This Unified And Rigorous Examination Of The Philosophical Problems Surrounding Causation, Laws And Explanation Part 1 Of This Book Explores Hume S Views On Causation, Theories Of Singular Causation, And Counterfactual And Mechanistic Approaches Part 2 Considers The Regularity View Of Laws And Laws As Relations Among Universals, As Well As Recent Alternative Approaches To Laws Part 3 Examines The Issues Arising From Deductive Nomological Explanation, Statistical Explanation, The Explanation Of Laws And The Metaphysics Of Explanation Accessible To Readers Of All Levels, This Book Provides An Excellent Introduction To One Of The Most Enduring Problems Of Philosophy.