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The Last White Ruby Epub The Last White Ruby Author Ronnie Smith Contra Saustall.eu This Ebook Is A Poetry Collection About The Experiences Of Living And Working In The Polar Environment The Author Was An Aviator For Many Years In The Polar Regions Flying For The US Air Force And Resupplying The US Scientific Research Stations On A Routine Basis The Flying Was Anything But Routine, And He Brings Those Surreal Landscapes And Flying Phenomenon To The Reader Through His Keen Sensitivity To The Human Condition, Ever Having To Adapt To What The Polar Regions Present To The Polar Operator.Serving The US Scientific Interests Abroad At The Poles Is The Sole Facet Of Why The US Air Force, Air National Guard, US Coast Guard, And US Navy Combine To Churn Out The Successful Mission Year In And Year Out It Is Fraught With Danger, Beauty, The Unusual, And The Ever Present Foe Of The Elements Extreme Cold And Wilderness Combine To Confront The Aviator And Seamen With Sometimes Uncompromising Force The Poles Are A Region Where Nature Is Dominant, But It Also Gives Scientists The Earliest Clues Of Global Warming And Environmental Decay The Poet Captures All This And In His Portrayal Of The Places Where Most Of Humanity Will Never See, Nor Be Able To Appreciate The Pristine Beauty And Cooling Mechanism Of The Planet Resident At The Icecaps That We Are Losing As A Result Of Global Warming.

About the Author: Ronnie Smith

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    This book is an anthology of poems, ostensibly written by a pilot of the US Air Force while serving in the US Antarctic Program The poems of which this book is comprised were nicely done and were actually a joy to read For me reading the anthology was a refreshing experience It was different It was a soft view of a harsh environment, a beautiful metaphor for a deadly region So beautiful are the poems that you can host a winter reading with The Last White Ruby as the main piece and not worry about hors d oeuvres ...

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    Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers FavoriteThe Last White Ruby The Vanishing Polar Circles is a collection of poetry written by Ronnie J Smith Smith is a professional aviator whose flights took him over both poles, and he was also the in theater Commander of Operation Deep Freeze which enabled him to spend 2005 2008 in Antarctica His poetry shows the deep inspiration he gathered from his flights over, and time spent, on the ground in the polar regions Many of his works are free verse and rely upon the pairings of sound and sense to impart their own internal rhythms In Iluliaq, the sound and sense pairings work with the repeated refrains to heighten the tension and reflect the subject of the waves lapping on the ice.Smith s work is rich in imagery that builds the mood at the same time that it creates endless vistas in the reader s mind s eye He frequently uses alliteration and the repetition of vowel sounds to marry the form of his words to the sense of his subject In The Only Road, the lines Star eyed falcons stun Those frozen seas illustrate his use of alliteration in a palindromic form that s evocative, pleasing to the ear and dramatic At times, Smith s use of refrains creates a chant like r...

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