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Candlelight (The Luminary Saga #3) Ebook Candlelight The Luminary Saga 3 By P.S Meraux Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Romance Is In The Air For Emily Wren Still Trying To Make Sense Of The Mysterious Event That Nearly Leveled Her School, Her Social Life Goes From Zero To Sixty In Five Seconds Flat, When Not One But Three Suitors Attempt To Sweep Her Off Her Feet Will Their Devotion And Adoration Help Her Decide On Just One Soul Mate Or Is Their Attention Putting Her In Mortal Danger From A Supernatural Villain When Events Spiral Out Of Control, Her Protector, A Super Immortal And His Luminary Companion From The Realm Between Reality And The Tangible Have To Intervene Again, But At What Cost Read Candlelight, The Third Book In The Luminary Saga By P.S Meraux.

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    I love this series Emily Wren has three, yes I said three, potential soulmates They re all different and special and add something to Emily s life So how do you cast away a potential soulmate These books are so special and unique Just when you think it s going in one direction, it switches everything up an goes in another There are a lot of forces at play here and Emily seems to find herself stuck in the middle I loved how it was written, giving us a clear insight into each character s thought process I still cannot decide if I like Josh, Charlie or David best This book is a slow build in terms of Emily s decision making process It s a very PG 13 book with with no sex In fact, none of the men even pressure Emily who is rather inexperienced in the love department into anything she s not ready to give I love that, especially for a YA book Meraux s writing is as always fantastic and sucks you into these two alternate worlds...

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    This was an easy read and terribly sweet Emily is a believable character without the author using the cliched technique of making her an odd ball She s like a normal student that these extraordinary events have happened to She s figuring stuff out as she goes along which I can see myself doing if I were in her shoes David, Josh and Charlie all make interesting yet realistic counterparts to Emily She s connected to all three of these men because they re her soul mates which is a definite hook and it s a big one I liked that David has a troubled past He may look perfect but he s not He s got obstacles but then so do Josh and Charlie which means that the author isn t making it easy for Emily to choose And even though Emily doesn t have any real experience with men, she seems like she s intelligent enough to figure this out That s what drew me in to the story but I think she s gonna find that love isn t always logical I guess that is another of the author s hooks.Josh is swoon worthy but he s got old demons...

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    I went into this third installment thinking that it might be an acceptable alternative to the Twilight series based on how book 2 ended but it s really quite different And that s not a bad thing I liked that each chapter gave me insight into each new romantic prospect I really loved the book, it sticks with me The story was compelling and well told I liked that the author let me know what each character was thinking There are several points of view which give a clear picture of events I even didn t mind that the vampires are the bad guys and not the love interest I mean one is psycho The book is unlike anything else that I have read It ended with yet another twist frankly I think that must be the author s best hook, always changing things up to keep me guessing I would definitely recommend this book to anyone It s worth your time There s romance in the book but not...

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    I was worried when I read the description of this book, yes one of my daughters was reading it before me, but I try to keep up As a dad, the thought of my youngest reading a romance novel left me cold, and wandering if there was stuff in there that I d have to explain But this book is good clean fun I actually enjoyed it The writing is clear and fast paced It has believable characters, entertaining dialogue and a decent plot I ve been informed by my youngest that I should be on team Charlie, but David and Josh seem like great young men too, neither is pressuring Emily for sex, which gets my approval straightaway.Emily is determined to figure out who she is in love with befor...

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    Emily Wren is in for a wild romantic ride, relatively speaking for a YA novel After encountering two soul mates, she must decide for herself who to fall for But how does a girl toss aside a true soul mate That s the focus of this book I have a few theories None of which played out, I m pleased to say The boo...

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    Loved it I m officially hooked on this series.

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