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Rewild Yourself Over The Last Millennia Or So, As Humanity Has Become Civilised, Humankind Has Found Itself Increasingly Removed From Its Own Innate Wildness At The Same Time Society Has Found Itself Beset With Ever Greater Incidences Of Mental Illness, Stress, Depression And Antisocial Behaviour In Rewild Yourself Becoming Nature Rachel Corby Addresses The Longing Search For Meaning, What She Calls The Dark Cries Of The Soul, That Have Emerged Alongside The Human Nature Disconnect Rachel Writes With A Passion And A Deep Love For The Wild In Developing Ones Senses And Natural Instincts She Invites You To Join Her In Finding Ways To Redress The Balance She Encourages You To Find The Wild Place Inside And Overcome A Little Of Your Own Domestication, To Rebuild Connections And Communications With Nature Allowing For A Free Flow Between The Wildness Of The World And Your Wild Heart Considering Many Aspects Of Our Modern Lives, This Book Offers A Path Which Leads To A Personal And Cultural Transformation A Future Where There Is Space For The Wild To Grow.

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    Rewild Yourself Becoming Nature is the third book by UK writer Rachel Corby Here, I m giving you my personal review of the book.A few years ago, I was extremely fortunate to have been given a copy of one of Rachel Corby s earlier books, The Medicine Garden, and from that became aware of her passion and unique immersion into aspects of nature that most people pass by.Fast forward a few years and the environmental movement is full of talk of rewilding , led in part by George Monbiot s excellent and controversial book, Feral In essence, George Monbiot says that we have lost all our truly wild places, and suggests that instead of paying farmers to farm sheep in the hills of Wales as an example , they could be paid let places rewild through planting native woodlands etc., and allowing places just to be Through this, we could eventually see the re introduction of some of the large predator species such as wolves that were once common and a new to us ecology would emerge.So it was with interest that I heard Rachel Corby had a new book called Rewild Yourself Becoming Nature In essence, the book is about how to unlearn some of the stuff that distances us from nature, from what we really are an animal and helps us connect back to the land in a physical, em...

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    I expected this to be interesting than it was It said nothing new, made a lot of abstract claims about nature , and was also far too repetitive in nature I struggled to finish it.

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