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Sailor to a Siren When Connor And Logan Cardwain, A Gangster S Lieutenants, Steal A Shipment Of High Grade Narcotics On The Orders Of Their Boss, Connor Dreams Of Diverting The Profits And Setting Up In Business For Himself His Plans Encounter A Hurdle In The Form Of Eloise Falaviere, Logan S Former Girlfriend, Who Has Been Hired By An Interplanetary Police Force S Vice Squad Logan Wants A Family Eloise Wants To Stop The Drugs Shipment From Being Sent To Her Home Planet Connor Wants To Gain Independence Without Angering His Boss All Of Their Plans Are Derailed, Though, When They Discover That The Shipment Was Hiding A Much Deadlier Secret The Prototype Of A Tiny Superweapon Powerful Enough To Destabilise Galactic Peace Crime Lords, Corrupt Officials And Interstellar Magicians Soon Begin Pursuing Them, And Connor, Logan And Eloise Realise They Have To Identify And Confront The Superweapon S Smuggler In Order To Survive But, When One By One Their Friends Begin To Betray Them, Their Self Imposed Mission Transforms From Difficult To Near Impossible.

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    Originally published at Risingshadow.Zo Sumra s debut sci fi novel, Sailor to a Siren, is an addictive, fast paced and highly entertaining take on an epic space opera novel It s a novel filled with entertaining action, intriguing characters and good worldbuilding It contains interesting gangster and thriller elements that set it apart from other similar kind of novels It gives readers an adrenaline rush through plot twists and surprises.Sailor to a Siren is a welcome and exciting addition to the space opera genre, because the author successfully blends space opera with a few elements that are often found in crime fiction and thriller fiction This is something unique and unusual, because you won t be able to find many similar kind of novels There are a few science fiction novels out there in which the authors combine different genres, but this novel feels refreshingly different from them.In this debut novel, Zo Sumra exhibits signs of skillful storytelling with an emphasis on fast paced action and entertainment The gradually unfolding story is highly enjoyable, because the author keeps readers wondering what will happen next to the characters To be honest, it s been a while since I ve read anything as good and entertaining as this novel when it comes to fast paced space opera novels.I think it s good to mention that Sailor to a Siren is a novel for adult readers, because it contains sex, violence and gritty scenes that are not suitable f...

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    It is apparent from just the first couple of chapters that Sailor to a Siren combines an intriguing, and relatively unusual, mix of genres The first chapter opens in the middle of a heist with member of one gang including two of the novel s protagonists stealing a drug shipment owned by a rival gang That this isn t a mundane crime novel is soon obvious since the rival gang members are aliens who look a bit like giant birds and they have a human woman helping them guard the shipment who can do what the characters describe as magic The setting feels like a classic space opera setting with humanity now dispersed across half of a galaxy dominated by two superpowers that seem to be in the middle of a lengthy Cold War The planet most of the book is set on is largely populated by the bird like aliens but it s also home to a large community of humans as well as various other assorted aliens The Spellweavers add a touch of what feels like urban fantasy into the setting, although there is some brief exposition about how the magic they do has a complex scientific explanation.Traditionally Space Opera stories have taken place on an epic scale but despite the setting this doesn t feel much like a traditional Space Opera plot The story focuses on the aftermath of the heist that takes place in the first chapter, as two brothers Connor and Logan try to find a way to sell what they ve stolen while surviving the rival gang s retaliation an...

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    Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the author for review considerationSailor to a Siren has a lot going for it The world building is wonderfully done, with lots of detail, and some quirks that tend to make it stand out as very unique The dialogue can be extremely snappy in a pleasing Whedonesque fashion The action is frequent, violent, and fun Its a blend of different genres that can, and often does, work together quite well.Unfortunately, it also has some rather pressing problems, and it starts right at the beginning In theory, being thrown right into the thick of things is awesome and frequently works well However, that also tends to be only when there s one or two characters that you re being introduced to having to follow When you re introduced to 4 characters and at least three different races are mentioned apart from the characters as part of the world building AND you re trying to follow a fight, it gets to be a bit much, unless you can really sit down and concentrate hard on what s going on.The second big problem is the pacing Sumra has a talent for dialogue which tended to make it very fun to read but when you have trouble getting into the book in general, it ra...

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    In a complex universe of humans and aliens, sectors and rivalries, guns and magic, two mercenaries, brothers Connor and Logan Cardwain, become involved in what appears to be a drug sting so convoluted they are soon tumbling through a maze of betrayals and corruption, not sure what turn to take or whom to trust As they are torn between relationships and survival, a deeper secret emerges, threatening not only their own plans and lives but the entire political structure and detente of the galaxy Sailor to a Siren is classic science fiction, belonging to the genre that gave us Dune and The Sardonyx Net, complex, multi layered, multi generational examinations of politics, ethics and personal choice, combined in this instance with rapid, bloody, action and strong prose Author Zo Sumra s world building is the best I have seen in a very very long time, conjuring with minimal explanation a developed, complex universe where family, sector, marriage, and magic all interconnect to create a hierarchical structure whose subtle nuances concerning power and influence unfold over the course of the novel As Logan and Connor are drawn deeply into the conflicts among the sectors, their own choices, forced on them at times at bewildering speed, are not simple, nor are they portrayed as such Sumra shows us the ...

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    Although there s a lot of enjoy, especially if you like plenty of action in your SF, I did find this book hard going in places You can read a full review here

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