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Telling Time With Puppies And Kittens (Puppy & Kitten Math) What Time Is It People Ask This Question Many Times Every Day And Now You Will Be Able To Answer Them Learn How To Look At Analog And Digital Clocks And Make Sense Of Them What Do The Different Hands On The Clock Mean What Is The Difference Between A.M And P.M Patricia J Murphy Makes Telling Time And Easy The Great Puppy And Kitten Photos In This Book Will Engage The Reader And Make Telling Time An Exciting Visual Experience.

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    The husband wasn t thrilled with this library pick puppies and kittens , but I thought the kids would like it Nope It seems like no one in the family is in love with puppies OR kittens Fine with me, as long as they learn to tell time another way, lol.

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    This book adds cute puppies and kittens in to get children s attention as they learn how to tell time on clocks with faces analog and clocks without faces digital.

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