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A Boy, a Ball, and a Dog There Was Never A Ball The Boy Wouldn T Throw.Luckily, There Was Never A Ball That His Dog Couldn T Catch.When A New Kind Of Ball A Balloon Floats Into The Picture, Both Boy And Dog Try To Find A Way To Play With It, And They Become Separated Will They Find Their Way Back To Each Other And Finish Their Game

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    In a book filled with impressive, beautiful illustrations, a boy and his dog spend much time each day playing with each other As boys often do, he enjoys tossing balls into the air for the dog to catch The dog does so with great eagerness, and they have a great time One day, though, a balloon flies through the sky, and the boy and the dog chase it The dog is determined not to let it go and follows it Somehow, he manages to snatch the balloon by its string, but realizes that the boy is nowhere to be found In his...

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    This is a very sweet story about a boy and his dog There is not a ball in the world that the dog cannot catch until this new mysterious floating ball takes him on a high speed chase to catch it by the string The illustrations are very colorful and heartfelt as the reader is ta...

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    This book is about a boy and his dog and they end up chasing a balloon, but think that it is a ball The dog went really far to try to catch it and he lost the boy The wind changed direction and the balloon when back to the boy as the dog followed They were both so happy to have made it back ...

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    Gianna Marino is fast becoming one of my favorite writer illustrators I love the bold and funny Night Animals and I Am the Mountain Mouse among others It is a real delight to find this very different book with a quiet story and charming folk art style of illustrations Anyone wh...

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    This story about the relationship between a boy and his dog is beautifully written and illustrated We are a big Marino fan in our house, and this might be her first book featuring a human character She is masterful at capturing animals, and does a...

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    Boy and dog love to play catch, but when a new sort of ball a balloon drifts off during their playtime, both boy and dog try to recover it and make their way back to each other.I liked the quaint look of the rural town the boy and the dog live in PreK 2.

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    Beautiful endpapers, fun illustrations with the laundry flying through the air throughout the book, and the title is just about as all american as one can get.The text is sparse, but tells the story along with the comforting, colorful illustrations Let s play catch

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    The kindergarteners and preschoolers didn t love this book as much as I did, but that may be because the pictures need a certain amount of looking at close up Sharing the book with a group doesn t have the same impact, I think.

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    Lovely illustrations but not much of a story.

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    Love the illustrations, so much to look at and many different angles and perspectives shown The story line is simple, but engaging.

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