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Where the Hell is Tesla? Best Ebook, Where The Hell Is Tesla Author Rob Dircks This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Where The Hell Is Tesla , Essay By Rob Dircks Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

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Where the Hell is Tesla and

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    If you dig the idea of the Multiverse and don t mind furry little aliens giving everybody the finger, this book is for you It s like Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, except it s way funny and features a couple of guys who act like grown up Bill and Ted from Bill and Ted s Excellent Adventure and use a lot of profanity.Pete and Chip find their way into the multiverse, meet said furry little alien, act like superheroes, then s...

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    Bees knees, Where the Hell is Tesla is quite the fun little taste of mind candy If you like your science fiction of the romp around the multiverse variety, then this novel may be for you As well, if you were a fan of Scooby Doo in your youth, you ll probably also get a kick out of it Don t ask me why I said that, it s just a vibe I got and felt compelled to voice it Chip and Pete aren t the brightest guys in our world, but what they lack in brains they make up for in enthusiasm for shenanigans in all forms This duo discovers a portal created back in the 1940s by Nikola Tesla that opens into a Matrix styled hallway with literally countless doors into different permutations of the universe They can get in, but being the slackers that they are, they don t consider making sure they can get back out Think Dude, Where s My Car , but with an R rating because they don t effing care who they insult in any dimension Geez, I can t believe it s been a year since I forgot your last birthday In this comedy of errors, Chip and Pete have some spectacular banter, and they acquire some fun monikers Awesome Man and The Brute They also acquire a nerdy girl not named Velma, in case you were wondering and a furry little creature named Bobo.Meeting new beings, different versions of themselves, and a hilarious cast of people, Chip and Pete skip and step their way in and out of trouble on their search fo...

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    This is a bit of a tricky book to review If you can imagine the shows Sliders or Quantum Leap, but replace the characters with Bill and Ted or maybe the cast of Futurama , then you might be able to get a feel for what this book is like.We follow Chip and his buddy Pete as they accidentally get lost in the multiverse after stumbling across a portal created by Nikola Tesla Although well meaning, the two are quite bumbling, so many silly and fun shenanigans ensue This book is very amusing, but it definitely requires that you be able to suspend your disbelief significantly If you can just go with the flow and not question some of the inconsistent sciencey bits and logic gaps in the epistolary format, then you will have a lot fun listening to this Strongly recommend with the above caveats to those who enjoy things like 14 but are seeking something a bit lighter Thanks so much to Rob Dircks for providing me with a review copy of this ...

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    So I like space themed books, I like funny books, I like science related books even though half the time I don d understand half of what s written I like it when an author throws the whole kitchen sink in and gives you tons of information to work with And I like it when a book is just pain bonkers Thisgave me all of the above Inter dimensional time travel A weapon that looks suspiciously like a T...

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    Awesome BookThis book was hilarious Brilliant A Perfect Read This is the second book I ve read by this author and I absolutely loved them both The humor in here made me bust out cracking up a lot I think comedy is difficult to nail just right in books but Rob does it very well Chip was the best I loved reading his journals to Julie Freaking funny as all get out Pete was the epitome of what a best friend should be Together they were crazy and wonderful I loved how each door was a suprise Go...

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    This book had me laughing so hard Pete and Chip were such doofuses and yet were the best heroes for the story I loved all the Bobos and while I wasn t sure about Meg I eventually came to like her She had some interesting conversations with Nikola Tesla I would recommend this book to everyone.

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    Extremely funny sci fi book If you liked Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy or John Dies at the End, this book is equally zany It also has some romance I really loved the ending and, of course, Bobo The description of the villain ...

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    I m the author, so not sure what I m supposed to say about the book, but I had a blast writing it, and I hope you enjoy it

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    3.5 star humorous sci fi buddy rompVery entertaining sci fi comedy as buddies discover Tesla s journal and travel through InterdimensionsThe audience for this work would be males in their 20s While I laughed quite a bit, the lack of distinctive voices for the two main characters sometimes m...

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    Okay so just having a good idea and using Tesla s name does not guarantee a good bookor even a pretty good book.I think the main problem for me here is I don t find the author s humor funny I know I m supposed to find it absurd and just side achingly hilarious.I don t.I bought this as part of a package deal so i can t even return it I finally laid ...

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