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    oops, forgot to mark this as read Great translation from what I can gather These poems aren t exactly the most interesting, but I was mostly interested in the pastoral tradition and this served the purpose Loeb is excellent as usual

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    THEOCRITUS of Syracuse MOSCHUS of Sicily BION of Smyrna Three bucolic poetsTheocritus gained great fame with his pastoral poems.He flourished in circa 278 to 270 BC, in the reign of Ptolemy Philadelphus, Egypt, Alexandria and was a contemporary of Aratus, Callimachus, Nicander, and Apollonius of Rhodes.Theocritus poems are mostly set in the countryside and feature dialogs as well as singing contests between shepherds These lonely rustics may have used songs as a natural means of communication It is quite possible that the idea of a singing contest came to him from real shepherds.Recurrent names Adonis, Daphnis, Amaryllis, Comatas, Polyphemus, Galatea and Tityrus In the background, we have Nymphs, Pan, Priapus, Artemis, Appollo of the flocks,This collection also contains Love songs, Idylls, Fragments, Epigrams, a poem on an event in the Argonautica, a surprising poem on the wedding of Helen to Menelaus, and on Heracles s killing the great lion and on Heracles works and adventures, as well as others.Moschus is also a composer of bucolic verse, Theo...

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    This book made me want to study Greek While the often staid, ninety year old translations were fairly uninspired, it was a mildly exhaustive collection of poetry not frequently seen outside of Classics departments Theocritus, maybe frequently But Bion and Moschus , and I enjoyed the inclusion of works not to be found in my other collections, particularly the pattern poems, which is a g...

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    Just finished translating Bion s Epitaph of Adonis Blood, crying, necrophilia What could you ask for in a poem

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    These were Greeks of a later era of antiquity who composed poetry of the pasture and glen There is only so much a reader can enjoy before the theme runs its course and becomes boring.

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Greek Bucolic Poets: Theocritus. Bion. Moschus (Loeb Classical Library No. 28) Theocritus Third Century BCE Was The Founder Of Bucolic Poetry The Extant Poems Of Moschus Second Century BCE And Bion Probably Second And First Centuries BCE Are Not Really Bucolic, But Bion S Lament For Adonis Is Floridly Brilliant Pattern Poems Are Found In The Greek Anthology, A Work Of Many Centuries.