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The Twilight Swordsman (The Laughing Moon Chronicles #2.5) Travelers Speak Of A Lone Swordsman, Blessed By A Goddess, Wandering The Dangerous Roads Of Mythren A Champion And Protector, He Is The Light That Safeguards The Innocent Once , Servants Of Death And Darkness Threaten The Lands As An Ancient Power Stretches Forth From The Nether Reaches Of The Fey Realms A Hero Is Called, But As Boundaries Of Light And Dark Begin To Blur, Twilight Settles Upon The Swordsman S Soul In The Shadow Of The Laughing Moon Although A Stand Alone Novella, This Tale Follows The Events Of Both The Barren Twelve And Ashes Of Ever In The Epic Fantasy Series, The Laughing Moon Chronicles As A Part Of The Larger Series, The Twilight Swordsman Offers A Glimpse Into New Corners Of The World, While Following Themes And Conflicts Introduced In The Larger Works Here We Find Not Only A Struggle Between Good And Evil, Light And Dark, But Discover The Twilight World That Exists In Between.

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