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  • Paperback
  • 509 pages
  • One Summer: America 1927
  • Bill Bryson
  • English
  • 21 January 2019
  • 9780767919418

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    A non fiction work centered around events of one particular year but about the 1920 s in general It s really a collections of mini biographies and vignettes of the major players and events of the 1920 a Fifty photos are included The two main characters threaded throughout the book whose stories provide a framework for the whole are Charles Lindbergh and Babe Ruth If you read this book, here s what you ll get Stories of early aviation and how the US was way behind Europe in scheduled commercial air travelThe sash weight murder and the rise of the tabloids For young people, sash weights were heavy iron pipes used in the mechanism of wood windows Prohibition, flappers and Al Capone who really only had a 3 year reign as gangster king The Bath, Michigan school bombing that killed 44 The first national radio broadcasts and networksNYC became the world s largest city the skyscraper boomThe Great Mississippi Flood of 1927The Stock market buy now, pay later bubble leading up to the 1929 crash despite rapid economic growth, the decline of debt and zero inflationWere the 1927 Yankees the best team ever Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Lou GehrigHenry Ford, the Models T and A the rubber boom and his Fordlandia settlement in Brazi...

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    There are some very obvious qualities to look for when choosing a history book Accuracy is one thing You want the facts to be factual Analysis is another You want there to be some meaning to the facts presented Storytelling, though Storytelling is the thing And it s hard to find So often in my reading, I ve found that narrative takes a backseat to academic qualities such as primary source sifting It s a shame, because I think storytelling is the paramount quality of a good history book Yes, factual facts are important Yes, interpretation and analysis are important But if you can t tell a good story, why am I wasting my time I m a decade and finished with school, so reading is a pastime, not a punishment Bill Bryson is a storyteller, first and foremost I m not sure how he did his research for One Summer America 1927, but I m guessing it didn t include a lot of digging in dusty libraries A glance through the Notes and Bibliography shows a heavy reliance on secondary sources Thus, the value here isn t primarily on new discoveries or understanding rather, it is found in Bryson s ability to entertain while informing One Summer is a garrulous slice of Americana A series of snapshots in time The calendar provides obvious structure, and each month is given a chapter, including September It must have been an Indian summer Promotional material for the book claims that the 20th century became the American century during the Summer of 27 This is ...

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    This is a fun and interesting look at America in the 1920s, but specifically the summer of 1927 It is remarkable how much happened in a few short months Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs The Federal Reserve made the mistake that precipitated the stock market crash Al Capone enjoyed his last summer of eminence The Jazz Singer was filmed Television was created Radio came of age Sacco and Vanzetti were executed President Coolidge chose not to run Work began on Mount Rush The Mississippi flooded as it never had before A madman in Michigan blew up a school and killed 44 people in the worst slaughter of children in American history Henry Ford stopped making the Model T and promised to stop insulting Jews And a kid from Minnesota flew across an ocean and captivated the planet in a way it had never been captivated before Whatever else it was, it was one hell of a summer I ve always loved history, and Bryson does a marvelous job of weaving together different stories and putting events in context For example, Prohibition was still going on in 1927, but Bryson goes back to 1920 and explains how it came about Or take the story of Charles Lindbergh Before Bryson covers that first famous flight to France, he gives a brief history of aviation and explains how deadly and dangerous it had been Those kinds of details really make the book fly, if you ll forgive the pun.There are so many interesting stories in this book, but here are the Top 5 ...

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    If you think that you had a busy summer, consider 1927 Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic and became a national hero Babe Ruth broke his own home run record on a Yankees club that would be remembered as one of the best baseball teams ever assembled The Midwest was devastated by extensive flooding and the Secretary of Commerce Hebert Hoover was in charge of recovery efforts A routine murder trial in New York became a media sensation for reasons no one can explain Sacco and Vanzetti were executed and sparked outrage around the world Prohibition was still in effect but that didn t stop Al Capone s criminal empire from reaching the height of its power Capone also attended a boxing match between Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney that would captivate the nation and still be controversial today A young engineer with the awesome name of Philo T Farnsworth made a critical breakthrough that would lead to the development of television, and another entertainment milestone occurred when the first full length motion picture with sound began filming After building 15 million Model Ts, Henry Ford s company ceased production and began creating the Model A In South Dakota, the work of carving four president s faces into Mount Rush began Last but not least, four bankers had a meeting in which they made a decision that would ev...

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    I know I m Johnny come lately on the Bill Bryson bandwagon, but I am fast becoming a full fledged fanclub member Honestly, I d read just about anything that dude wrote In fact, if I can convince him to write my obituary, I m going to throw myself in front of a bus the first chance I get just so I can read it The title of One Summer America, 1927 explains pretty clearly what s between the covers And oh boy, what a whole heck of a lot happened that year Here s some of the highlights Charles Lindbergh s historic flight across the AtlanticThe Great Mississippi Flood The worst national disaster in U.S history at the time, affected well over half a million people.The advent of televisionFirst real talkie, The Jazz Singer Brings about the sudden death of silent films.President Calvin Coolidge Least hard working US President of all time.Babe Ruth broke the current home run recordLindbergh s story and that of flight in general takes up a large portion of this book Babe Ruth and the Yankees also feature prominently The tragic trial of Sacco and Vanzetti is discussed at length But it s not just a book about the historic events of 27 or a relating of the p...

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    The things change, the they stay the same Insert Snake Plissken gif here Bill Bryson takes a look at almost everything going on in the summer of 1927 Think Sacco and Vanzetti, Charles Lindbergh, Babe Ruth, Al Capone, the invention of TV and talkies, Coolidge, Hoover, and Henry Ford.What struck me most about this book is that the things going on in 1927 aren t that much different than the things going on today In the autumn of 1927 Hoover s opponents, of whom there were many, began floating the notion that Hoover couldn t legally run because he hadn t been resident in America for the proceeding 14 years, as the Constitution required.Recently, people try to claim Obama isn t an American Illinois imposed no restrictions on the sale of tommy guns, so they were available to the general public in hardware stores, sporting goods stores, and even drugstores The wonder is that the death tolls in Chicago weren t higher.Gun control AND the murder rate in Chicago are still big issues.Polyamory 1927 His private life was equally unorthodox in that he and another man shared the a...

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    Only one man could take Charles Lindbergh s 1927 transatlantic flight, Babe Ruth s record setting home runs, the worst flooding in US History, a surprise announcement by President Coolidge, the execution of two Italian anarchists, the introduction of taking motion pictures, television and the electric chair and dozens of other totally unrelated events that happened during the Summer of 1927 and connect the dots Of course, I m talking about Des Moines own, Bill Bryson.Several years ago I picked up a copy of Bryson s, The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid and became so struck with his ability to put words on a page I immediately had to anoint myself as the President of the International Bill Bryson Fan Club Within a few weeks I had devoured everything BB had ever written and eagerly awaited being one of the first to read his newest works that foll...

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    It has been a long time since I have read a Bill Bryson book so when I happened upon an opportunity to win an ARC of One Summer America, 1927, I jumped at the chance Bryson is nothing if not prolific He cranks them out C SPAN s Book TV has an eight minute interview with him about his most recent effort I received the ARC of One Summer just a month before publication, I was not able to read the entire 448 page book prior to its publication But I do want to say a few words about it even after publication since Bill Bryson is, for me, a Blast from the Past with this summer of eighty six years ago Two central events of the book are the Lindbergh flight from NYC to Paris and Babe Ruth s sixty home runs The Prologue covers many of the unsuccessful efforts to fly between Paris and NYC But many events are covered in this three ring circus of a book The action never stops It would be hard to say that many of these tabloid news events warrant so much attention so many decades later However, the entertainment value is high If you are a Bryson aficionado, you don t want to miss this one.Bryson, you will not be surprised to hear, was not totally fixated on the year 1927 He covers some of the family history of Charles Lindbergh He writes of the lives and presidencies of a snoozing Calvin Coolidge and a self aggrandizing Herbert Hoover Coolidge was actually President in 1927 As the Commerce Secretary...

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    When I picked this up, I had no idea that it would be so interestingWe travel forwards and backwards in history but all events converged to a significant moment during 1927 Unlike A Short History of Nearly Everything or At Home A Short History of Private Life where Bill Bryson looks into the full picture behind centuries of research, we have an account in extreme detail about regarding a single year We have Charles Lindbergh crossing the Atlantic a person whose fame started in 1927 and who s fame haunted him throughout the rest of his life Picture mobs of fans that never dissipate Funny, how such a popular man became only a footnote after nearly a hundred years.America became enraptured in the first big tabloid driven murder trial Ruth Snyder murdered her husband and did an extremely poor job of covering it up Al Capone continues what he does best smuggling booze and murder Herbert Hoo...

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    A five star review from an avowed fiction reader for a non fiction book is pretty rare But this book kept me just as enthralled as a great novel What a summer 1927 was and what a storyteller Bill Bryson is From the fascinating little known facts about Charles Lindbergh s flight and all the disastrous attempts before him that I had to read aloud to my...

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One Summer: America 1927A Chicago Tribune Noteworthy BookA GoodReads Reader S ChoiceIn One Summer Bill Bryson, One Of Our Greatest And Most Beloved Nonfiction Writers, Transports Readers On A Journey Back To One Amazing Season In American Life.The Summer Of 1927 Began With One Of The Signature Events Of The Twentieth Century On May 21, 1927, Charles Lindbergh Became The First Man To Cross The Atlantic By Plane Nonstop, And When He Landed In Le Bourget Airfield Near Paris, He Ignited An Explosion Of Worldwide Rapture And Instantly Became The Most Famous Person On The Planet Meanwhile, The Titanically Talented Babe Ruth Was Beginning His Assault On The Home Run Record, Which Would Culminate On September 30 With His Sixtieth Blast, One Of The Most Resonant And Durable Records In Sports History In Between Those Dates A Queens Housewife Named Ruth Snyder And Her Corset Salesman Lover Garroted Her Husband, Leading To A Murder Trial That Became A Huge Tabloid Sensation Alvin Shipwreck Kelly Sat Atop A Flagpole In Newark, New Jersey, For Twelve Days A New Record The American South Was Clobbered By Unprecedented Rain And By Flooding Of The Mississippi Basin, A Great Human Disaster, The Relief Efforts For Which Were Guided By The Uncannily Able And Insufferably Pompous Herbert Hoover Calvin Coolidge Interrupted An Already Leisurely Presidency For An Even Relaxing Three Month Vacation In The Black Hills Of South Dakota The Gangster Al Capone Tightened His Grip On The Illegal Booze Business Through A Gaudy And Murderous Reign Of Terror And Municipal Corruption The First True Talking Picture, Al Jolson S The Jazz Singer, Was Filmed And Forever Changed The Motion Picture Industry The Four Most Powerful Central Bankers On Earth Met In Secret Session On A Long Island Estate And Made A Fateful Decision That Virtually Guaranteed A Future Crash And Depression All This And Much, Much Transpired In That Epochal Summer Of 1927, And Bill Bryson Captures Its Outsized Personalities, Exciting Events, And Occasional Just Plain Weirdness With His Trademark Vividness, Eye For Telling Detail, And Delicious Humor In That Year America Stepped Out Onto The World Stage As The Main Event, And One Summer Transforms It All Into Narrative Nonfiction Of The Highest Order.

About the Author: Bill Bryson

William McGuire Bill Bryson, OBE, FRS was born in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1951 He settled in England in 1977, and worked in journalism until he became a full time writer He lived for many years with his English wife and four children in North Yorkshire He and his family then moved to New Hampshire in America for a few years, but they have now returned to live in the UK.In The Lost Continent, Bil