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Billy Elliot Billy Elliot S Tough, Funny And Heart Warming Story Is Given New Depth By Best Selling Author, Melvin Burgess.Billy S Mother Is Dead, And His Father And Brother Are Fiercely Involved In A Bitter Miners Fight That Has Split The Local Community Billy S Father Wants His Son To Learn Boxing, Like He Did And His Father Before Him But Billy Is Fascinated By The Grace And Magic Of Ballet And Is Determined To Dance His Way To A Different Future.Told From The Differing Viewpoints Of Billy, His Father And Brother And His Friend Michael, Melvin Burgess Has Captured The Spirit Of The Original Film Screenplay While Demonstrating The Skill And Inspiration He Showed In His Award Winning Novel, Junk.

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    Popsugar 14 Libro que puedes terminar en un d a You can t give up being just yourselfCon el escenario de fondo de una de las mayores huelgas de mineros en Inglaterra en los a os 80 s tenemos esta historia acerca de un ni o y su familia persiguiendo sus sue os unos por conseguir mejores condiciones de vida para los mineros del carb n, y el otro descubriendo dentro de l una habilidad que le puede llevar muy lejos , viviendo una vida totalmente diferente Hay 2 narradores principales Billy y Jackie Elliot el pap Billy es un chico de 11 a os que es algo diferente Prefiere las zapatillas de ballet a los guantes de boxeo Su voz es franca e implacable , esta en esa etapa que cree que todo puede ser y no ser Remembering and missing aren t exactly the same thing, but they re pretty close, and you can t do one without the other.Y dejenme decirles que Jackie Elliot es uno de esos padres ficticios que todos quisieramos tener Listen, man Jackie leaned forward, and I knew I d said the wrong thing I don t care what he is, he s our Billy, and that s good enough for me I don t care what he does He can stuff badgers if he likes, he s still our Billy Right, OK, message received Well, Jackie, I ll tell you, Sarah d be proud of you, that s all ...

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    I am also into reading novelized movies aside from watching adapted movies I tend not to be content with watching movies with my mouth agape I want to understand the whole story completely, for there are times that I can t follow the dialogues because I m not much familiar with accent with which characters speak.Billy Elliot is the only movie that comes to my mind when someone asks me what my favorite movie is It is a British dance drama film about an eleven year old boy desiring to be a professional ballet dancer However, both his father and brother are inculcated in the negative stereotype of the male ballet dancer Males into this kind of art in western society in the early 19th century were said to be weak, effeminate, or homosexual In short, all boys in his countryside are supposed to do things only for males So, it is a big decision for Billy, especially both his father and brother are miners struggling against the government s plan to close all coal mines.Reading the novelized movie has made me love the movie The novel and the movie have the same scenes The dialogues became crystal clear to me The characters voices were even echoing through my ...

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    Yo con este tipo de cosas es que soy incapaz de ser objetivo, es que es id ntico a la pel cula, y he llorado, he sufrido y me he maravillado con la historia y los personajes exactamente igual que en la peli.

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    Originally reviewed at reason why I picked up this book is that Billy Elliot is one of my all time favourite films and I was really intrigued by the fact that it s been released as a novel Since it s related to my thesis work I ll have to start working on in the next few weeks and it s been a while since I ve seen the film, I decided to combine work with pleasure and read Melvin Burgess s novel To be honest, I found Billy s narration quite strange at first and I thought it wouldn t live up to my expectations after all but I couldn t be further from the truth Burgess s novel is just as good, if not better, than the film and I was in tears all the way to the end.What I loved about it the most is the fact that it s narrated by several different people Most of the time it s Billy who s speaking but there are chapters that are told by either Billy s father, brother, or his friend Michael I loved the contrast between these chapters, especially those of the father s and his two children The way we see things from a twelve year old s point of view at first and then from a...

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    This is an adaptation from a movie I LOVE it, LOVE IT and I actually cried for this book, it was so good It is aboutA boy who want to be a ballet dancer instead of a boxer.I guess this month is a diversity reading month for me and I m loving it

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    Billy Elliot was a nice and quick read, but I was hoping so much from it I definitely liked how the story went on and the fact that it was easy to read I enjoyed how it handled family and kind of LGBT issues, how it proved stereotypes wrong On the downside, nothing was explained I understand that it was origin...

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    I love Billy Elliott

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    Billy Elliot is a novel written by Melvin Burgees Billy Elliot is also a really famous play that was written by Lee Hall It is about a boy who likes to dance especially ballet dance Billy s father made Billy box but Billy s passion was dancing Billy lives with his brother called Tony Elliot and his dad called Jackie Elliot His mum died a long time ago Billy would go to Mrs Wilkinson for ballet lesson for 50 pence He would go home and practice like doing the spin When his father asked him what he was doing he would lie to his father and say that it was for boxing.My favourite part of the story is when Billy and his dad went to London for Billy s audition He did the position for the audition well but when he needed to do a solo dance the song was halfway through instead he just stood there and stared at the judges He remembered what Mrs Wilkinson told him which was Billy you re not concentrating When you re up there in front of an audience, you have to concentrate, no matter what s going on So go on just do it , so Billy danced 135 When he finished his audition he ran to the changing room and there was a boy who tried to comfort Billy but Billy didn t need comfort and so Billy punched him Billy was in a lot of trouble and he thought that he would never ever will get into this school At the end of the story Billy succeeded in getting a place at the dance school When he performed he had to do a spin When his brother shouted Billy s name and he did a s...

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    Billy Elliot was written by Melvin Burgess and based on the motion picture screenplay by Lee Hall.It s a novel about a boy, who wants to become a ballet dancer The book is for ages 11 and above.Billy lives in a poor family and has to take care of his grandmother He takes boxing lessons, but instead of boxing, he likes dancing around the ring That behaviour makes Billy s father Jackie angry, because of the fact that Jackie and Tony, Billy s brother, don t earn much money and the boxing lessons are expensive However, Billy is interested in Mrs Wilkinson s ballet class and soon he learns some moves Weeks later, Jackie finds out Billy had not taken his boxing classes and noticed him taking ballet lessons They have an argument and Billy runs away from home to Mrs Wilkinson s house She tells him that Billy should audition for the Royal Ballet School and that she will teach him But Billy misses the audition and...

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    There isn t actually all that much to say about this story The entire story should serve as a reminder that everyone should stay themselves and life isn t about living the way others want you to, but the way you want to The ending is a bit predictable even though I anticipated a slightly different one for a few chapters There are several POV s and each adds something to the story Billy s POV was my favourite and Tony s my least favourite The season this book reminds me of Strike season The year is 1984 Miners are striking and one miner s son discovers that he isn t interested in boxing or any of that He wants to dance Ballet, to be specific A dance that most considered unmanly at that time There are so...

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