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The Making of a Philosopher: My Journey Through Twentieth-Century Philosophy Read The Making Of A Philosopher My Journey Through Twentieth Century Philosophy Colin McGinn Chardonneret.eu Como Se Faz Um Fil Sofo Acompanha O Percurso De Colin McGinn, Filho E Neto De Mineiros, Origin Rio De Blackpool Na Inf Ncia O Melhor Que Poderia Aspirar Seria A Uma Carreira Na Constru O Civil Ou Como Baterista Num Grupo De Rock Por M, Durante A Adolesc Ncia Descobre Descartes E Apaixona Se Pela Filosofia Sendo O Primeiro Da Sua Fam Lia A Ingressar Na Universidade, A Escolha Da Filosofia N O Era A Mais Bvia Ou A Mais Bem Aceite E Assim Come A Pela Psicologia Posteriormente Decide Se Em Definitivo Por Aquela, Tendo De Enfrentar A Perplexidade Dos Pais E Da Fam Lia O Que Faz Um Fil Sofo Como Vive De Que Se Sustenta Desde A Inf Ncia Em Inglaterra At Partida Para A Am Rica McGinn Guia Nos De Forma Apaixonante Pelo Que Foi A Evolu O Do Seu Pensamento E A Sua Matura O Como Fil Sofo Apresenta Uma Perspectiva Contempor Nea Das Grandes Figuras Da Filosofia Do S Culo XX, Incluindo Bertrand Russell, Jean Paul Sartre, Noam Chomsky, Entre Outros , Conta As Hist Rias Dos Professores Que O Marcaram, As Suas Aventuras Com Os Jogos De V Deo, O Seu Gosto Pelo Mar, Os Seus Breves Encontros Com Jennifer Anniston Ou Spielberg, Sempre Numa Prosa Elegante, Clara E Acutilante.Dos Estudantes De Filosofia Ao Leitor Comum, Todos Se Deixar O Prender Pela Vivacidade Das P Ginas Escritas Por McGinn Escrito De Forma Brilhante, Profundamente Honesto, Frequentemente Divertido Este Livro Revela A Hist Ria Pessoal De McGinn, T O Fascinante Quanto A Sua Carreira Do Fil Sofo Oliver Sacks

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    You know, any mate of Jonathan Miller s is a mate of mine And it is worse than that, the cover of this book has quotes with the highest praise from both Oliver Sacks and Stephen Pinker This bastard knows people I can only dream of knowing Worse, they are even prepared to say incredibly nice things about him I ve no idea if I should love him or hate him.I couldn t have come to a book with higher expectations Miller interviews McGinn in his utterly masterful The Atheist Tapes and A Brief History of Disbelief There are few people I would be prepared to prostrate myself before but Miller is one of them I mean, not only would this guy be one of my heroes just for his religious beliefs or lack there of , but he directs plays of Shakespeare, operas, does documentaries on the human body, and was one of the original members of Beyond the Fringe as someone once said, once you re finished with your life, do you mind if I have a go And McGinn was one of the highlights of Miller s Atheism documentaries Their conversations were really remarkably interesting You know you are waiting for it you want me to say this boo...

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    An interesting intellectual journey with Colin McGinn, as he recounts his love and pursuit of all things philosophical I learned some of the fundamentals of modern philosophical thought along the way and found out that Daniel C Dennett and Colin McGinn differ greatly in their assessment of the conscious mind McGinn believes that the secret behind how the mind and body work together ...

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    1950 .

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    My commencement into the world of philosophy, came by way of a book my brother once gave to me, leftover from one of his college freshman courses A book by the philosopher James Rachels, The Elements of Moral Philosophy.Rachels was an American philosopher who specialized in ethics and animal rights and who s arguments persuaded me, for a time at least, to even adopt vegetarianism for myself.As I pondered the questions Rachels asked of his readers, I became alive, I believe, intellectually, for the first time I was absolutely on fire with philosophy from that point on And I ve read innumerable books dedicated to the subject since then But I will always remember and cherish Rachels book as one of the first, and certainly among the few, books that has made a lifelong impact.I first became aware of Colin Mcginn, however, back around 2004 when he was featured on the BBC documentary series, The Atheism Tapes with Jonathan Miller Actually that s also how I have been introduced to a number of great thinkers, through one documentary series or another.In...

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    I raced through this fascinating introduction to philosophy, written in the form of an intellectual biography of sorts McGinn has an enviable ability to summarise and explain even the most obtuse of ideas and Saul ...

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    McGinn, a philosopher at Rutgers, explains what it s like to be a philosopher, and how one ends up becoming a philosopher instead of, say, an accountant Along the way, we find out a thing or two about the philosophical enterprise itself.The author is actually an Englishman who starts at Oxford A dull teen from a working class family, he holds out little academic promise Then one day something seizes him in the form of a question and off he goes into the world of the mind Before you know it, he has made it into Britain s most prestigious philosophy department The book is a biography of that journey.McGinn pursues analytic philosophy, so he writes about subjects that a philosopher of the mind might want to investigate Interestingly, we hear not just his description of topics like intentionality, sense and reference, and idealism versus realism we find out what philosophers themselves are trying to do with these concepts right now The author does an especially good job explaining Sartre s fascinating philosophy of consciousness in a way ordinary readers can understand.But with so many topics to cover, the discussion is often shallow He mentions the brains in a vat thought experiment, and he s delighted by The Matrix Hmmm I was put out by it, the reason being that it sells audiences the impression that they ve become party to a hugely significant and eso...

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    I read this book because I am taking a Moral Philosophy course this fall and I have never been exposed to much philosophy fist hand before It was really enjoyable aside from personal tangents the author tended to go of on because it is a personal story that offers a lot of insight into fundamental philosophical concepts It follows one man s experiences through childhood to the present as he questions the world and eventually comes to learn that perhaps we may never know ...

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    I really wanted to give this a 3.5 I found aspects of it dry, but when he really got talking about his philosophy and not his life, I found myself quite fascinated I may venture to try one of his less memoir y books.

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    this book is pretty damn mind blowinga lot of these concepts i ve encountered at one point or another, but for some reason meeting them at this point in my life is much impacting

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