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Kill the Company In The Ever Changing World Of Business, We Ve Arrived At A Point Where Process Has Trumped Culture, Where The Race Toward Efficiency Has Made Us Complacent And Unable To Reach Our Potential Stuck In The Land Of Status Quo, We Ve Forgotten How To Think And The Very Structures Put In Place To Help Businesses Grow Are Now Holding Them Back It S Time To Kill The Company.This Book Is A Call To Arms To Start A Revolution In How We Think And Work But Instead Of One Size Fits All Change Initiatives Forced Upon Employees, We Need To Embrace Smaller, Positive Behavioral Changes That Create Ripple Effects Throughout The Organization Thinking Can No Longer Be Exclusive To The Creative Team Or Lead Strategists Rather, A Culture Of Curiosity Must Be Fostered Among The Ranks To Shake Up Our Standard Practices, From Unproductive Meetings To Go Nowhere Strategic Planning This Revolution Can And Will Awaken Our Ability To Think, And Ultimately, To Innovate And Grow.In Kill The Company, Innovation Specialist Lisa Bodell Urges Companies To Shift The Mindset From Business As Usual To The Company Of The Future, To Move From What She Calls Zombies, Inc To Think, Inc This Involves Both Risk And Trust To Allow All Employees The Opportunity And Environment To Be Curious And Inquisitive Even Challenging And Provocative When The Situation Calls For It Too Often, This Type Of Behavior Is Seen As Threatening, Says Bodell, Who Has Actually Been Told By CEOs That They Discourage Employees From Thinking In Step With The Call To Kill The Company, Is A Plea To Kill Fear, Complacency, And The All Too Familiar Answer From Our Leaders I Can T Be Bothered With Your Perhaps Brilliant Idea Bodell Also Looks At How We Got To Zombies, Inc., Exploring How Our Educational System Contributes To The Lack Of Inquiry And Problem Solving Skills, Showing How Conformity Is Rewarded Early On She Also Draws From The Work Of Such Education Luminaries As Sir Ken Robinson And The Groundbreaking Blue School Founded By Members Of The Blue Man Group.In The End, Readers Of Kill The Company Will Have A Full Sense Of How Much Riskier It Is To Stay Here In The Status Quo Than To Break Out And Think.

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    Great book and information to add to your personal toolkit of brainstorming best practices I learned some new and fresh ideas and was reminded of other good ones I have seen in practice I wish the author had used examples of direct application and shared the successes generated by such application For me that was the difference between giving the book 3 and 4 starts There were great ideas I just would have liked to know in depth if...

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    Spoiler Alert practical AND inspiring without the usual corporate ese This book has gotten a lot of press lately and I devoured it in a single weekend Since then, I ve found myself with a better grasp of innovation...

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    This is the best business book I ve ever read I m ready with true practical application and I m inspired by the possibilities this book puts forth Not simply text but a great toolkit to take forward Was lucky enough to see the author speak and she is empowering

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    Exceptional, strongly recommend to anyone NOW

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    Very inspiring.Read the first chapters.Use the toolkit.

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    Reading this book right now Great book so far.

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    Unfortunately, the reading experience was a disappointment there are lots of fantastic ideas but they are buried under annoying marketing of the author s own company I wanted to read a book not a 200 page advertisement.Instead of just presenting an awesome idea, she writes something like we have this cool method in MyCompanyName s Toolkit, and I call it the Method With A Cool Name Everybody...

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    Excellent read for business leaders Essentially, how can you create a company culture that is ripe for innovation No fluff in this book It is filled with real life examples, tools and exercises to spur creative thinking, and detailed explanations of wh...

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    At first glance this does look what it is, this is why I hesitated to get the book, finally this is very interesting while it defies the status quo and the business as usual.Many ways on how to be aware of what s wrong and how to challenge it, and challenge everything ...

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    Useable tools for innovation and transformation This is a great book with immediately usable tools and techniques for innovation and organizational transformation Highly readable and relevant.

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