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Yanantin and Masintin in the Andean World Yanantin And Masintin In The Andean World Is An Eloquently Written Autoethnography In Which Researcher Hillary S Webb Seeks To Understand The Indigenous Andean Concept Of Yanantin Or Complementary Opposites One Of The Most Well Known And Defining Characteristics Of Indigenous Andean Thought, Yanantin Is An Adherence To A Philosophical Model Based On The Belief That The Polarities Of Existence Such As Male Female, Dark Light, Inner Outer Are Interdependent And Essential Parts Of A Harmonious Whole.Webb Embarks On A Personal Journey Of Understanding The Yanantin Worldview Of Complementary Duality Through Participant Observation And Reflection On Her Individual Experience Her Investigation Is A Thoughtful, Careful, And Rich Analysis Of The Variety Of Ways In Which Cultures Make Meaning Of The World Around Them, And How Deeply Attached We Become To Our Own Culturally Imposed Meaning Making Strategies.

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    Hillary S Webb has devoted the first chapter of this book to describe the research methodology used by her in studying the Andean Philosphy, which makes it easier for the reader to understand the book I particularly liked the research methodology used This book could be read by a student as well as anyone interested in the Andean Philosophy Being an Indian, I found some ideas in the book which were in resonance with those of Indian Vedic Philosphy And some ideas were totally different too This book really opens up your mind to different ways of thinking Also, I was very much shocked to find that these ideas were not considered as a branch of Philosophy just because they are ever evolving and unfixed The Andeans consider contrasting things like day and night, male and female, good and evil etc to be different only apparently and the same in essence I found the last teaching Hillary received with the help of San Pedro a kind of medicine prepared by the Shamans in Peru to be very interesting or maybe I should use the word enlightening In that teaching she had the experience of being everything and nothing at the same time I could not understand it completely, but then I will have to experience it to comprehend it I think that is the best learning experience anyone could ever have One main aspect of this Philosophy is that your learning is comple...

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    I had long been having talks with my South American friend about yanantin and other cultural differences we had She tried to explain to me but I just wasn t getting it It all sounded very confusing, and if I may say, strange When she suggested I try Hillary Webb s book to try and understand about duality, I agreed When I saw the title of the book, I almost put my head down and cried Oh no A long boring academic book that I am going to need 4 dictionaries and a thesaurus and any number of other books just to understand I was soooooooooo wrong.Once I took a deep breathe, had all my dictionaries piled around me, a thermos of coffee by my arm I decided it was time to plunge in And plunge I did.Two hours later my son asked me what was for supperI couldn t believe it The book is so well written that the pages just flew past And no I didn t have to open up a dictionary once Yanantin and Masintin are a remarkable set of beliefs that the Andean and other cultures believe in They believe in complementary dualism It is the view that opposites like male female, o...

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    Don t judge a book by its cover THAT, perfect definition It looks like a very uninteresting book probably because it s a scholarly work, but it s actually not When you ve come to read it, it s very informative This made me see opposites e.g good bad, man woman in a different perspective, rather as contradicting the other, I d come to learn that they actually complement each other There should be a balance A coexistence Also, one of the thi...

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    powerfully thought provoking.

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