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Echoes of the Tomb Ciaphas Cain Battles Alongside The Reclaimers Space Marine Chapter Against A Mysterious Foe.A Short Story From The Hero Of The Imperium Omnibus.

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    MehNothing original in this short story

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    Being safe at HQ Done.wait they are sending me on missionpicking the mission with space marinesbeing safe with space marines, wait they are not here yetsh t Focusing on survival while techno priest activated something very nasty.Commissar Cain was again in troubles, but saved at the last moment.

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    Cain with his usual style.Correctly suspecting that sitting about HQ is an excellent way to get sent on a dangerous mission, Cain inveigles his way into a job as liaison between the Space Marines and other Imperial Forces Which, he finds, means he s shipped off to a Mechanicus site Where they are ...