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    I sat down to read a little of this during lunch, and ended up sitting in the restaurant for an hour after I was done eating Eventually I felt guilty and left, but my plans were shot for the afternoon, as all I could think about was finishing this book I wish there were some mechanism on Goodreads to occasionally give a book than five stars Something to indicate when you think a book is than merely excellent Like for every 100 books you review, you earn the right to give one six star review If such a mechanism were in place, I d use my six star review on this graphic novel It was lovely and clear It h...

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    A masterpiece of graphic novels This edition as the name indicates, collects the complete run of Persepolis.Creative Team Creator, Writer Illustrator Marjane Satrapi REVOLUTIONARY WORK I remember the days when we traveled around Europe, it was enough to carry an Iranian passport They rolled out the red carpet We were rich before Now as soon as they learn our nationality, they go through everything, as though we were all terrorists They treat us as though we have the plague. Persepolis is the masterpiece by Marjane Satrapi, a pseudo biographical work, illustrating her life since 10 years old 1980 until 24 years old 1994 , where she experienced her coming to life, in her native Iran, during the Islamic Revolution and the war with Iraq, along with four years in Europe, and her return to Iran again.In this graphic novel you will witness many of the convoluted events happening during the decade of the 80s in the Middle East, from the point of view of a brave girl that was living at the heart of the incidents.Marjane is able to present each topic that she wants to expose in titled parts where yo...

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    Full review 4.5 starsThings I didn t know before The Complete Persepolis was originally written in French Way to feel dumb as shit in the French bookstore, I assure you Things I know now Marjane Satrapi, as a French Iranian, can t enter the US now But hey, it s for your security , all that shit I just learned that French Iranian had been authorized to go to the US with a Visa.Favorite quote from the whole collection As time passed, I grew increasingly aware of the contrast between the official representation of my country and people s real lives, what happened behind doors approximate translation by me, I don t own the English version to check because we re at the core of what makes The Complete Persepolis so interesting and, I ll say it, indispensable For me, the strength of Marjane Satrapi s graphic novel relies on the insight it offers the reader where classic nonfiction books can easily end up as mere juxtapositions of historical events which is often boring, okay , The Complete Persepolis successfully breaks the codes by combining Iran s History with Marjane Satrapi s experience I, for one, believe that we need this kind of insight just as much as history books, because as I said in my review of Rooftops of Tehran, it s way too easy to dehumanize people we know nothing about, to forget the much real people living in the countries that our leaders target Thi...

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    Visiting Spain for a conference earlier this month, I impulsively decided to do something about my almost non existent Spanish I began by reading the Spanish edition of Le petit prince, which got me started nicely Now I wanted to try something harder I had in fact read Persepolis in French not long after it came out, but I remembered very little of it this would be a proper test of whether I had actually learned anything I was pleased to find that I could read it I m still having to guess a lot of words, and every now and then I found a sentence that made no sense at all, but I could follow the story without difficulties The thing which surprised me most was that I found I liked the book better in Spanish than I had in French After a while, I figured out why my very uncertain language skills forced me to look carefully at all the pictures, and I realized that I hadn t properly appreciated them first time round I d read the book pretty much in one sitting, which didn t do it justice This time, I gave the graphical aspects the attention they deserved.But dammit, forget the Spanish and the artwork it s still the story that wins Her horror and indignation over the dreadful Iranian republic are so powerfully expressed There s one episode in particular that I can t get out of my head She s been characteristically loudmouthed at school The teachers call her parents, and they tell her very seriously that she must be c...

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    4.5 I wanted to be Justice, Love and the Wrath of God all in one.An incredibly funny, insightful and moving story told through the form of a graphic novel This book serves as a memoir of the author, Marjane Satrapi It is about a brave, young woman in 1980 s Iran.This book highlights the struggles that the Iranian people have had to go through The changes in their culture, the forming of an Islamic Revolution and its aftermath Persepolis is the story of Satrapi s childhood It documents the rise in the Islamic Revolution and those that dissented from these views, the punishments they received Through Marji s mind and eyes we see the rise of the Islamic Revolution and how this effects both the public and private life of her family We get to see her rebel in her own ways fighting for freedom and modernisation, her day dreaming, her everyday life and struggles, through family turbulence s and her own identity through religion and it s governed customs Through this book we are taught the histories of both her parents and Grandmothers views of previous era s and how this has changed or impacted from the current one Marjane Satrapi also paints a vivid picture of what it is like to be a woman in Iran during this time of political and cultural shift And so to protect the women from all the potential rapists, they decreed that wearing the veil was obligatory. At the committee, they didn t have to inform my parents They could detain me for...

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    4.3 stars.This is an exceptionally charming, funny and real account of the Iranian revolution and its aftermath, through the eyes of a young woman who lived through much of it I laughed, I cried, I learned things.

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    Hace poco le el cuento de la criada y me pareci un libro de distop a inconcebible en la actualidad Sin embargo, leer Pers polis me ha abierto much simo la mente, para una mujer occidental es f cil olvidar la realidad que se vive en los pa ses como Ir n e Iraq que est n sometidos a reg menes religioso...

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    Persepolis is a truly amazing graphic novel.

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    This was brilliant a graphic novel depicting the coming of age of a young Iranian girl living in Iran during the Islamic Revolution, who is eventually sent to live in Austria for 4 years for her safety It shows the horrors of living in a war torn nation, as well as how terrifying it must be to live in a country run by religious fundamentalists fanatics The Muslim leaders recruited 14 year old boys in the war effort, closed down schools, targeted intelligent people and women wearing jeans and nail polishAs a woman, the sexist views of the Islamists made me angry One panel shows an Islamist on television saying Women s hair emanates rays that excite men That s why women should cover their hair If that isn t the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard This was a very raw and candid portrayal of life Satrapi didn t really try to sugarcoat anything I liked the precocious child, Marji, who was trying to understand the world that was going on around her and wasn t scared of questioning the hypocrisies she witnessed And her self realization as she tried to determine her identity in Austria and when she went back to Iran and was perceived as an outsider and a worldly woman also held my attention.It made me think of people,especially children, living in other war torn places such as Syria, what must they be going through everyday What must they be witnessing Torture, death etc How can someone get over that Definitely a m...

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