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  • Audio CD
  • Poison Princess
  • Kresley Cole
  • English
  • 12 May 2017
  • 9781442352964

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    Didn t enjoy this one nearly as much as I thought I would It s probably a case of it s not you, it s me Eff it Okay I m gonna get real here It s you book Totally all on you.We start with a sterotypical white, blond Pretty Pretty girl who tragically has mental health issues.Essentially, this girl is either A hallucinating or B can read the future, control plants, heal herself, make her fingers into claws, and other godlike powers 50 50Meds are thrown away, counselling not an option, leaving the audience to wonder if it s real or if it is all in her head.Then there s the Psycho totally evil but in a hot way And he s close enough in age to Pretty Pretty so it s not creepy Psycho keeps girls in his basement for his experiments One such experiment I kid you not is creating a sodium chloride concoction AKA a salt spray b c the evil post apocalyptic monsters can t stand table salt Mmmmhmmm Anyway, Psycho lures Pretty Pretty into his house and makes her drink sleepy tea and spends the book alternating between EXTREMELY murderous thoughts and WOW she s kinda hawt.Meanwhile, Pretty Pretty tells him her entire life storywhich can be bo...

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    11 Oct 14 For those who have read the 2nd book and can confirm things for me, here are my predictions on Endless Knight 19 Oct 12 Be forewarned There shall be a lot of cussing and angriness and bitch slapping in this review If you are a fan of this book author, or and not a fan of cuss words in reviews, I highly advise you not to read as I do not want to offend anyone Like an old, dying, rheumatic ox plowing through a field of mud and shit All for the promises of a harvest of fresh, delicious, sweetcorn that he will never ever enjoy That is how I felt as I trudged through this this heap of stink Plod, plod, plod, and how many times I d found myself in the middle of this dreck dirt behind me, dirt before me, dirt all around me but my feet were already wet and icky, and sweetcorn You promised there d be sweetcorn Alas, no sweetcorn for me Not even one lousy cob Maybe there will be in the future, but I m not sinking my hooves in shit and risking it a second time.You were promised a post apocalyptic You will not get a post apocalyptic before you trudge through half a field of shit The first chapter prologue It was a right hooker Totally sucked me in Even though I had my consternations this vaguely rapey vibe didn t settle down too good in my stomach But it promised action Mystery Everything on the blurb So you read on, all jittery and drooling for sweetcorn and then you re slapped with thirteen whole chapters...

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    Unpopular opinion review time You know how it goes you loved this book, I didn t I m actually very much dismayed by that, because I stepped into this apocalyptic world with such an overall optimistic state of mind hell, I expected my first book by Kresley Cole, a New York Times bestseller, to be a winner Oh boy My state of mind shifted quickly enough and darkened considerably Basically, I didn t like anything about this book It s a huge It s not you it s me case, so huge that I would have blamed the book entirely if it wasn t for the glowing ratings and reviews I totally would have.Because this was awful for me Evie is one of the most superficial, spoiled and completely annoying heroines I ve had the misfortune to meet And the love interest, Jackson is a despicable pervert and jackass Every time he called Evie b b , my soul died a little I have nothing against the French word for baby, but when Jackson pronounces that word, it doesn t come out as sexy and enticing It physically hurts and I wished I could punch that word out of his vocabulary And I m taking Karate classes, so I m pretty confident about my blows Just saying.I also couldn t believe how many clich s the author inserted I mean come on, this was suppos...

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    If you touch me like that again, Evangeline, he began in a husky tone, dropping to his seat once , in the space of a heartbeat, I will have you off this bike and onto the closest horizontal surface And I woan be picky, no Oh for the love of all things holy, this book is amazing This was my first book by author Kresley Cole and honestly she couldn t have done it any better She had me compelled from the very first page with her amazing talent for storytelling and also for her intense and incredible scenes It s safe to say, Poison Princess is a gripping page turner This story follows the life of teenager Evangeline Evie Greene She s a popular girl, with a loving boyfriend and awesome friends, but even though her life appears to be normal, it s anything but Evie experiences hallucinations but mostly they are disturbing and horrifying Not only that but Evie also gets visions of people that she s never met and they come with warnings But soon it s to late for Evie to figure these warnings out because her hometown including the rest of the world has been hit by an apocalyptic event called The Flash where most people are wiped out Evie is among the survivors and soon enough she finds out that the one person she hates is alive Jackson Evie needs answers about her visions and decides she needs to travel to see her grandmother who she thinks is still alive Jackson agrees to protect Ev...

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    SpoilersI couldn t be bothered writing a review, so you ll have to make do with this nonsensical rubbish Evie Woe is me I have harrowing visions about the apocalypse Woe is me I had to spend my summer in a mental hospital Woe is me I hope my friends don t know about what a ghastly time I ve had lately Woe is me I am so rich, popular and beautiful Woe is me I am dating the most perfect guy Woe is me By jove, who on earth is that new fellow on the motorcycle Oh my, just one glance at him and I seem to be feeling tingly things in my special place Woe is me Jack I like your ass..it nice I look at it I wanna fuck you but also I HATE you YOU BE RICH ME BE POOR Me mad me poor Me hate all rich people Me be likin the ass I stalk you Then I fuck you.Evie Woe is me How dare you, I am a lady And I deserve to be fucked like a lady Woe is me I hate you Stop stalking me Woe is me Oh noes A vision of death Woe is me Jack You rich bitch I wanna fuck you I big manslut and be liking fucking yea Me wanna fuck rich girl but me hate that want to fuck rich girl You whore make me feel like wanna fuck you You whore, like all girl Evie I despise you and your treatment of me...

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    Young Adult Are Kresley Cole follow her dear friend s path, Gena Showalter to write YA Ugh, less smex scenes shakesfist And I want Thad Please continue writing Immortals After Dark, rather than start new series.Please, I beg you

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    This is a tough book to review because there is a lot to like here The concept behind the book is great, and I loved watching the puzzle pieces unfold, guessing who was who, seeing their powers in action, taking note of the symbolism, etc But there are definitely some big problems with the book, which make it hard for me to recommend it.The first chapter is intriguing, but then we re subjected to many boring pages of life before the Flash The apocalyptic event mentioned on the back of the book and in the first chapter doesn t happen until page 105 or so in the ARC That s 100 pages of Evie going to school, arguing with Jackson, having visions, thinking she s crazy, etc Basically, the book could have started on page 100, because we really didn t need all that backstory before getting to the exciting stuff.Once the event actually happens things really pick up and I couldn t put the book down There s the usual surviving the apocalypse stuff, which is fun, but there s also a very unique element here, one that I m a particular fan of But since it isn t listed on the back cover I don t want to spoil it which is ironic, since I would never have picked up this book if I hadn t known about this twist before hand.Unfortunately, the book suffers from weak, or downright repulsive, characters Evie ...

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    I did not finish this bookthere were several things towards the beginning of the story that just had me laughing, it was so ludicrous For example, the Big Bad Cajun Motorcycle Gang also known as the Sharks and the Jetsoh, wrong story They speak in heavily accented Cajun patois, they have bikes with stolen, mismatched parts They wear motorcycle jackets, their hair falls in greasy locks over their eyes They rumble up to their new school in a crowd of big, bad, wolfery and start chatting up and soliciting all the pretty girls.Aside from the dirt poor, uneducated, rude Cajun stereotyping and the clich d bad boys, nevertheless, I could have tolerated the minor absurdity if there had been some promise to a compelling story, but no I m not going to waste my time.Here are a few quotes very early on in the story that made up my mind for me Beside him was a couple on a bike a kid in camo pants and a girl in a pleather miniskirt The big boy helped her off the bike, easily swinging her up Wheh hell, Catherine said, good to know her panties are hot pink Shocked she s wearing them, actually Classy with a capital K Mel nodded thoughtfully I finally understand who buys vajazzling kits I f...

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    Rating A Heat Sweet

    I was nervous and anxious and a tad apprehensive to read this book Kresley Cole is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite authors If she writes it, I will read it As proven by the fact that the moment this was available to preorder I did And yet, as excessively excited as I was, I also worried Needlessly, let me tell you It rocked It rolled It annihilated my expectations And reaffirmed exactly why Miz Cole is an auto buy author for me.

    Poison Princess is not the same ol YA schtick There are no vampires, werewolves, or angels to be had Not a one Instead, the twenty two cards of the Major Arcana tarot deck come to life the Empress, the Magician, Death, etc., each of which possess unique powers and abilities in a post apocalyptic world

    Told both Before Flash and After Flash, there are two distinct tones and settings

    Before Flash is a world that feels very of the times, where the teens act like teens They re not idealized Some of them cuss, or drink, or smoke and gasp some of them are even having sex And, as our heroine Evie Greene is from a well to do family, they have expensive tastes Flashy clothes, fast cars Skies the limit Which served as an extreme juxtaposition for the world After Flash Putting the characters at a bigger disadvantage, giving them things to overcome

    After Flash, when the world has been ravaged by what could be solar flares or not , when anyone unlucky enough to be outside...

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    Edit 04 01 2018 Commentary from Present Day MeSo I ve been revisiting some of my old reviews, thinking I might do some commentary for them in like, a self reflection kinda way or just for a good laugh, and wow this one is pretty cringey It d be wrong of me to adjust it I guess since this was just proof of what I was like as a teenager I suppose, so I m gonna leave it untouched However, I do vividly remember this book and how awful and disgusting the hero was in it It s kind of interesting to see how many people defended his actions in the comments Says a lot about our culture at the time glorifying all these horrible men I wonder if we re still like that today Hopefully we ve changed.My old review 12 31 2012 Actual rating is 2.5 stars Or 2.75, not sure Just lower than 3.For the first time ever, I might just only be talking about the love interest in this review Because I have so much to say about him Well, maybe I ll talk about him 98% of the time or so, but believe you me, I will rip this guy apart and say everything that s on my mind about him, so prepare yourselves.So, Jackson Deveaux Ladies and gentleman, the unthinkable has happened I ve finally found a guy who is far far worse than Obsidian s Daemon Black I had thought no one would ever tak...

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Poison PrincessAn Apocalyptic Event Has Destroyed Evie S Hometown And Killed Her Mother What Makes It Worse Evie S Prophetic Visions Predicted It All But She Wrote It Off As One Of Her Freakish Dreams Now Evie Teams Up With A Wrong Side Of The Bayou Classmate Jack Deveaux They Are Forced To Leave Town On A Road Trip Heading To Meet Evie S Maternal Grandmother Meanwhile, Evie Is Coming To Terms With The Fact That She Has Special Powers Powers That Have Revealed Themselves To Her Slowly.The Mythology Of The Story Is Inspired By Tarot Cards Evie Is The Personification Of The Empress Tarot Card, The Genesis Of Her Abilities Along The Way, She And Jack Meet Teens Who Have Taken On The Powers Of Other Tarot Characters It Seems An Ancient Prophesy Is Being Played Out, And These Teens Have Been Tapped To Reenact The Battle.