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Making Men Most Guys Spend Their Entire Lives Looking For Ways To Prove Their Manhood Some Of Their Attempts Are Downright Ridiculous In A Culture Steeped In Passivity And Addiction, Many Women Make Horrific Mistakes In The Men They Choose And Pay Dearly For It But How Does A Guy Learn How To Be A Good Man How Does A Woman Learn To Recognize Him What Does Manhood Really Look Like Chuck Holton, Former Army Ranger, Adventurer And International War Correspondent, Has Three Men In Training Of His Own He Also Has Two Daughters Who Will Need To Be Able To Recognize A Good Man Someday Over A Three Year Period, Chuck Made It His Mission To Nail Down The Facets Of A Fully Engaged, Functional Man By Seeking Out Timeless Wisdom Of Ancient Cultures And The Experience Of Dozens Of Mature Men The Result Is A Five Step Curriculum That Is Already Changing The Lives Of Men And Women Around The World It Is Being Used By Church Groups, Schools And Even Single Mothers To Help Their Sons To Emulate And Daughters To Identify Powerful, Passionate, Engaged Manhood Memorize It Teach It To Your Sons And Daughters Apply Its Principles To Your Own Life The World Desperately Needs Your Help Making Men.

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    I really dig this book Holton s premise is that so much of what we consider manliness is just males searching for a way to tell the world that he s a man Holton goes about defining a simple, teachable system for describing a man, rooted in integrity and Scripture Honestly in today s day and age, which is full of what CS Lewis ...

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    It was a decent book, but definitely not the best book on manhood I have read One thing that is striking is that the author says he spent years studying manhood in Scripture, but he uses surprisingly little scripture in his arguments except for a few verses here and there that are generally interpreted properly in their context but probably over interpreted for the subject matter The book was anecdotal then biblical But, because of God s grace working in his life, probably, he still produced a pretty good representation of biblical manhood Maybe all that time spent in Scripture did not impact him exegetically but it certainly did spiritually.His emphasis submission to the lordship of Christ and the rejection of passivity is key to biblical manhood Further his contention that we were not placed on this Ea...

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    Glad I read it I read some of the reviews and just had to read this book afterwards I was impressed and will be reading it for a second time again with my Son Everyone should read this.

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    Wonderful handbook to help raise spiritually healthy boys and to help girls learn how to recognize the right man instead of going after the wrong guy.

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    MAKING MEN by Chuck Holton is the kind of book that dads and men need to read every so often You can do a great job being a father,and a husband, and a man, but sometimes you just need a refresher You need to be reminded about what the Bible says about being a man and being a leader This book is perfect for that.Holton s acronym for being a man is SHAPE A chapter is devoted to each of these letters You ll get chapters titled Submit, Assess and Improve, Perish and Provide, and Engage Holton uses plenty of scripture ...

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    When starting this book given to me as a gift , I thought it would primarily be about parenting boys However it is just as much, if not , about what kind of man a father should be In other words, it s about manhood primarily, and that translates into strategies for parenting boys When you read of the authors background Army Ranger and successful stockbroker among many other things , you think it is going to be one of those kinds of books, but he starts b...

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    Single MomSingle MomI choose this book for my son, not having a male role model I worry if I m giving him the right tool to become a man I find to many are still boys in today s society I found the I formation very helpful and w...

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    Excellent book for anyone with sons I thought there were some extremely valuable insights into manhood as well as discipleship.

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    Great book for guys who desire to be Men There are plenty of Bible references Don t write it off as preachy , however The wisdom is universal.

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    great book well worth reading

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