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The Lord of the Rings: Weapons and Warfare Lavishly Illustrated With 1,000 Photos, Paintings, Maps, Sculptures And Sketches, Most Appearing Here For The First Time, Weapons And Warfare Is An Indispensable Chronicle Of The Lord Of The Rings Many Creatures, Warriors, Armies And Battlegrounds From The Graceful And Proficient Elves To The Horrendous War Machines Of The Dark Lord, Each Culture S Approach To Warfare Is Explained How They Fought, Why They Were Fighting, What Armor They Wore And What Weapons They Used Against Their Enemies Now You Can Get As Close To A Marauding Orc As You Could Ever Wish, Without Suffering The Consequences Treating The Filmmakers Notes, Designs And Props As A True Archive, Weapons And Warfare Describes In Detail Every Major Conflict Depicted In The Film Trilogy From The Last Alliance Of Elves And Men To The Climactic Battle Of The Pelennor Fields Each Accompanied By A Battle Diagram From The Films Chief Designers.Armed With A Wealth Of Fascinating Facts And Unique Imagery, And With An Exclusive Foreword By Christopher Lee And An Introduction By The Academy Award Winner Richard Taylor, Weapons And Warfare Promises To Be The Most Striking Companion To The Lord Of The Rings Movie Trilogy Published To Date.

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    Any book with LTR weapons in the title has got to be cool, and it was This may be a little bit of geek overload but after falling nearly deeply in love with these movies than I am with my wife I m proud to be geekified through and through.

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    slobbering Ugh, these books are SO beautiful hisses My Preeeecious

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    I got this mostly because A I m a Tolkien fan and B I m a gamer Dungeons and Dragons table top and try to make the weapons as fantasy realistic as I can.This book mostly leans heavily on the movie but still is a pretty good book If you are big time into the movies ...

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    here s why this book only gets three stars it focuses way too much on just the movies here s why it doesn t get two stars there is still some pretty amazing information going on here, as well as some great original illustrations.

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    Thanks for letting me borrow it for so long, Ted

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    goodbook i want to see the movie

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    I own quite a few books like this, scaled a bit bigger than printer paper, full color, lavishly illustrated Many of them are Star Wars books, but the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies went down a similar path and released books detailing the production of the films props, costumes, and so on and detailing races or cultures or the like based on what they carried or how they dressed Some of them focus on geography as this one too peaks in to , but most are about people and things.So, in comparison to all of the others like it, how does Weapons and Warfare rate The pictures are beautiful and the essays contain information that even the most diehard Tolkien fan will learn something from But this particular book is a bit stilted in its presentation because it tries to be a work of history, the conceit being that the events of the LOTR happened in the past and the book shows various artifacts and reconstructs various societal and political structures based on archeological evidence So, for example when they show the rings of power they are replicas of the rings When a prop is shown it is sometimes described as a re creation, as if someone had studied the past and this was the best they could ...

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    Obviously slapped together to take advantage of the success of the films The art work is nice, but it is rather apparent that the authors did not read the books or even pay too much attention to the films.

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    woow, i really enjoyed reading this book, it was so interesting that i could not put it down even for a second GREAT work Smith you deserved a five star..Thanks.

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